The Concrete Sign Every Zodiac Is Ready For Marriage


You feel like partners, sure, but you also feel like separate people. You bristle when it comes to codependency, so a relationship where you’re encouraged to have your own interests and friends makes you feel free. (And totally ready to marry them.)


You can picture a distant future where you’re still together. In fact, you have a harder time not thinking of them as your forever person. You want to spend the rest of your life with them, and the rest of your life couldn’t come fast enough.


With them, you never get bored. Boredom is often the sole reason why you break up with people, and you’ll do it as soon as you get even a taste of it. But with this partner? You could never get bored.


You finally feel safe. In past relationships, you had this underlying anxiety. You’d have to tamp down your gut instincts in order to stay together. But this relationship? You finally feel free, safe, and protected.


You’re thinking about the actual marriage more than the wedding. Sure, a wedding has the potential to be an amazing party, but what about what comes after? If you’re more excited about spending your life with this person than about the vows, then you’re ready.


You aren’t the only one putting effort into the relationship. So many of your past partners put all the pressure onto you to do to all the planning and execution–and caring. But with this partner, it finally feels like a true partnership.


Your family and friends love your partner. It’s a must for you when it comes to making things long-term, but especially important if there’s a chance you might say “I do.”


You feel safe when you’re vulnerable with them. In past relationships you’ve kept your feelings behind closed doors, but with this partner, you finally feel safe enough to prop them open.


You’ve found someone with similar life goals. In any version of your future that you can imagine, you see them right along with you. For every adventure, you want them by your side.


You can actually afford a wedding. It’s not that you haven’t already felt ready to get married, but you’re a practical person and needed to feel more financially secure before you’d consider the cost.


You feel like they’ve made you a better person. It’s almost as if your life got infinitely better when you met them. Sure, you know you’re not perfect–and neither are they, despite how it feels–but they make you feel like you can be better.


It isn’t just love–you like them, too. Sometimes those wires get crossed, but just because you love someone, that doesn’t mean you should stay together forever. You’ll know you’ve found the right person to marry because they’re a genuine joy to be around.