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The Difference Between A Bare Minimum Man And An Above-And-Beyond Man

A bare minimum man stalls. He delays everything, from commitment to plans to texting you back until he “feels” like it. A bare minimum man does not consider how his behavior impacts you because everything is on his terms only. He is all about his own wants and needs.

An above-and-beyond man commits. He does not keep you guessing about when he might be ready to finally settle down and take your relationship seriously. Instead, he is all in the second he tells you that he wants to be with you. You never second guess where you stand with him because he communicates openly and honestly.

A bare minimum man “goes with the flow.” He refuses to point in the direction he is going in because he claims he isn’t sure which way he wants to venture just yet. He says he just needs time to figure out what he wants. He relies on the concept of one day because it absolves him of responsibility in the present.

An above-and-beyond man is intentional. He says what he means and does what he says he will. He is careful with both his own time and yours because he understands the privilege it is to share someone else’s time here because life is so short. An above-and-beyond man takes action and he doesn’t claim he needs time to figure himself out because he already knows himself and what he is looking for.

A bare minimum man does not choose you. He considers you as an option, a convenience, and something to pass the time until someone “better” comes along.

An above-and-beyond man chooses you every single day. He was all about you from the very start and makes you feel special and appreciated and celebrated. He never stops trying to make sure you know how lucky he feels to have you because he knows how rare your love is. This is the kind of man you deserve. Never forget that.