The Heart Message You Can’t Ignore Before The End Of October, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your card: 8 of Pentacles

You’re good at getting things done as long as you don’t get bored along the way. But some really cool, important things can get repetitive. Don’t give up. If you weather the boring tasks, you’ll come out of the process with something amazing.


Your card: Ace of Pentacles

Money and career pursuits aren’t as out of your hands as you’d like to think. You’re powerful and can make things happen so long as you funnel that power toward a goal. Let your own energy guide you to your dreams.


Your card: The Tower

Your entire worldview might be shaky right now. Things that you thought were solid are now anything but. You get to decide how you recover from this emotional blow, though. Will you crumble or will you rebuild?


Your card: Page of Swords

When you get a creative spark this month, follow it. That’s the universe telling you it’s time to make something beautiful, wonderful. It doesn’t have to be perfect–it just has to mean something.


Your card: The Fool

You’re at the beginning of a journey this October. You have many diverging paths that lay ahead of you and you get to decide what you do with your life. Embrace the fact that you don’t know everything. Just be happy to go along for the ride.


Your card: 2 of Swords

Avoiding a problem doesn’t make it go away, and you know that well. Yet here you are, this October, having a terrible time trying to make a decision. Sometimes there is no “right” answer, but it has to be decided regardless.


Your card: 8 of Cups

While it’s important to fight for things, it’s also just as important to know when to walk away. This month, something in your life just isn’t working. Giving up isn’t failure, it’s having the courage to know when you need a fresh start.


Your card: Ace of Swords

You’ll have a breakthrough this week that’ll be hard to ignore. Rather than going back to the status quo, follow this new idea. It might lead you to something amazing you never would have found otherwise.


Your card: King of Pentacles

If you want things to work out, especially with money or your career, you have to take the initiative to make it happen. Success isn’t just going to come to you. So take what you want, ask for you what you need, and never give up.


Your card: 2 of Cups

That person you’ve been flirting with lately? There’s a good chance that they feel the same way about you, according to this card. Rather than pining for them, it’s time to make an actual move. You could end up with a beautiful relationship.


Your card: 7 of Cups

The status quo just isn’t cutting it this month. You’re feeling restless and the only thing that can make you feel more grounded is to search for your purpose. What in your life feels stagnant? It’s time to figure this out.


Your card: The Hermit

There’s nothing wrong with being alone. In fact, you’ll be better off if you search for some solitary time this month to really sit with yourself. When you aren’t hiding in social interactions, you’ll finally figure out how you really feel.