Anastasia Shuraeva

The Most Crucial Trait Each Zodiac Needs In A Soulmate


Your soulmate needs patience. You can be a pretty impulsive person and patience is one of your weaknesses. You go full-steam ahead without thinking, which can get you in trouble. Your perfect partner will fill in that gap for you–with compassion, of course–so you can learn from their skills for patience.


Your soulmate needs to be good at compromise. You’re very much a long-term relationship person, and one way that manifests is by putting your partner’s needs ahead of your own. Your past partners have taken advantage of that, but your true soulmate will respond in kind and make sure you’re taken care of as well.


Your soulmate needs great communication skills. You get bored easily, and quiet partners are the bane of your existence. You need someone you can have long conversations with. Someone who will argue with you in a fun debate kind of way, or go toe-to-toe with if it’s time for a fight. Your perfect partner will be able to talk your ear off, and you love it that way.


Your soulmate needs to be a good listener. Of all the signs, you’re the one who shares your feelings the most. When something’s going wrong in life, you need a partner who will listen with compassion as you vent. They’ll give advice when you ask for it or just be an empathetic ear for when you need to unload. Apathetic partners need not apply.


Your soulmate needs trust. You love attention. It doesn’t really matter where it’s coming from–if it’s positive, you’ll bask in it. However, just because you like talking to your adoring fans, that doesn’t mean you’re interested in them romantically. You shouldn’t date someone who’s at all jealous. Instead, your perfect partner will trust that you’ll stay true despite your natural flirty nature.


Your soulmate needs to be punctual. It isn’t an accident that you’re known for having your whole life under control. While you shouldn’t be with someone with no drive or ambition, the biggest thing that’ll cause a lifetime of unresolved fights is a partner who’s late. You need someone who respects your time. Because if they don’t respect your time, they don’t respect you.


Your soulmate needs to be outgoing. The people you surround yourself with–whether actual family or the chosen family you’ve acquired over time–are essential for your happiness. If you’re with a partner who likes to keep you at home, you’ll start to resent them. Your perfect partner will be happy to share you with your inner circle and will fit right in.


Your soulmate needs to give you space. As soon as you feel your partner holding you close, you immediately start to pull away. Even if the person is your soulmate, you still need space and alone time. Your individuality is paramount, so a partner who knows when you keep their distance is a must. Codependency is not for you.


Your soulmate needs to be adventurous. It could be literal adventure like climbing mountains or jumping out of planes, or something quieter like regular date nights. Either way, being stuck in a mundane routine will make you feel like escaping. Your perfect partner won’t try to pull you onto the couch when you want to do something fun instead.


Your soulmate needs a life path. Some people don’t mind a partner who lacks some drive, but that’s not you. If your partner is happy with a dead-end job and no hobbies, you’ll just find them infuriating. It’s not about making money or being society’s definition of “successful.” You just find ambivalence unattractive, and it doesn’t mesh with your own goals and aspirations.


Your soulmate needs individuality. You’re a really passionate person. Whether it’s your career or your hobbies, you put a lot of effort into what you care about. As a result, you don’t have time for a partner who bases their entire life around you. Your soulmate will be their own fully fleshed-out person, with or without you.


Your soulmate needs to have empathy. You’re a really empathetic person yourself, and you sometimes put other people’s feelings above your own. Because of this, your perfect partner needs to use their own empathy to make sure you’re getting the proper care as well. You shouldn’t be with someone who will take your compassion and never give it in return.