The Poem Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Read If They’re Going Through A Tough Time Right Now

All poems are from the following books: Beyond Worthy, All That You Deserve, Stay Until Tomorrow


Be there for yourself before anyone else. Do whatever you have to do. Listen to what your body needs. Listen to what your soul needs.

Stay Until Tomorrow


Change is scary but change is necessary. You won’t feel ready to take the next stepthe step your heart has been calling you to, the one that feels right, even if it’s just a subtle feeling. Something within you will tell you that you are in need of change, that you are ready for change when you constantly feel uncontent and irritable. You are ready for change when parts of your past no longer hold the same pain they did before. You are ready for change even when you don’t feel ready.

All That You Deserve


You are always stronger than you feel.
You are always more capable than you feel.
You are always more loved than you feel.
You are always less annoying than you feel.

Beyond Worthy


It is time to start taking care of yourself more than you take care of others. Sometimes it is easier to distract our own healing with the struggles others are going through, but you will never be the person you have the potential to be if you don’t work through your personal struggles. It’s okay to not know where to start or have the energy to startyou take it one breath at a time, one little action forward at a time, one moment of grace and power at a time.

Stay Until Tomorrow


I hope you learn to be alone and love every version of yourself. I hope you learn to let go of what has hurt you and believe that good times are coming. Time is only running out if you aren’t living your life the way you want to. Life is more precious than we realizedon’t take advantage of the gift that every day is. You deserve to be the happiest version of yourself, the most content version of yourself, the most alive version of yourself.

All That You Deserve


I hope you learn to stop judging yourselfyou are doing the best you can with what you’ve been given. Learning to be kinder to yourself will never be met with the negative chatter your mind wraps you in too much of the time. Over time, as you do the work, you will learn how to soften those thoughts. Feeling and thinking deeply can become your soft power. The way you experience this life so deeply can lead you to places that those who don’t let themselves feel never get to, places that are more beautiful and fulfilling than you can even imagine. I hope you trust your journey in feeling.

Stay Until Tomorrow


It is completely okay
to take as many moments
as you need for yourself.

All That You Deserve


You are so much stronger
than you feel right now
the worries will soften away
and all will be okay

Stay Until Tomorrow


One breath at a time.

If taking it one day at a time feels like too much, take it one breath at a time.
You are allowed to slow down.

Stay Until Tomorrow


What is it that is holding you back? Why don’t you believe that you are worthy of what you want? How do you know that waiting to see if it will ever happen isn’t worth it?

You deserve to believe in your desires.
You deserve to give yourself a chance.
You deserve to be patient with yourself.

All That You Deserve


Vulnerability might be the most gentle, intense strength you can obtain. Don’t let it contain you. If speaking your truth feelings terrifying, dance through fear. Someone needs to hear what you have to say. You deserve to say what you want to say.

Beyond Worthy


I promise you
you will look back on these days
and be so grateful you made it through
and you will see how much stronger
you are because of these days
and you will wake up feeling grateful
for another day everyday
and you will become someone you are so proud of
let the light break through any darkness
trying to hold onto you
light always comes after darkness

All That You Deserve