This Is How You Show Love, Based On Your Birth Order
Brandon Woelfel

This Is How You Show Love, Based On Your Birth Order

Only Child

You show love by setting aside quality time for your person. You have a hectic schedule and rarely have a second to yourself, so you will only make time for people who are important to you. Prioritizing your partner is the best way for you to show them that you care, that you value your moments spent with them over everything else that you could be doing. When you fall in love, you will rearrange your schedule to prioritize this person. You will figure out a way to fit them into your calendar on a consistent basis because you can’t stand the thought of going too long without seeing them. Even though you have big dreams and won’t always have time to spend with them, you will make sure you’re together as much as possible.

Oldest Child

You show love by acting present and being attentive. You understand that those three little words are not enough to convey how much your person means to you, so you will show them how much you care every single day with your actions. You will pay close attention when they speak and remember the little things they’ve said. You will help them with their chores and give them whatever support they need. When you’re together, you won’t be staring at your phone, drowning them out. You’ll be paying attention to them and only them because there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Middle Child

You show love by doing little favors for your person and surprising them with sweet, unexpected gestures. Whether you’re picking up their favorite candy bar while grocery shopping or automatically playing their favorite band when you’re in the car together, you’re always thinking of your person. They are never an afterthought or an inconvenience. Their needs are always at the forefront of your mind because you genuinely want to make them happy. Every single day, you’re doing little things that are meant for them, not for you.

Youngest Child

You show love by vocalizing your feelings and showing physical affection. You aren’t afraid to speak your love into the universe. You wear your heart on your sleeve and say whatever pops into your head because your person deserves to be showered in compliments. They deserve to hear how funny and intelligent and adorable they are on a daily basis. You’re always showing your partner how much they mean to you, whether it’s by saying the words out loud — or by asking them to cuddle or giving them bear hugs and forehead kisses.


You show love by celebrating them and supporting them. You never want them to forget their worth, so you’re always giving them pep talks and compliments about their inner and outer beauty. And when they’re upset, you make sure that they know their feelings are valid. You support them when they’re struggling and support them when they’re thriving. You genuinely want what is best for them and remind them of this every single day. Your goal is for them to feel completely safe with you, to feel like they can come to you with anything because you will always be in their corner, cheering them on or cheering them up.