Walk Away When It Feels Wrong
Sonnie Hiles

Walk Away When It Feels Wrong

When it feels wrong, you don’t need a ‘good’ reason to leave. This person might be your perfect match on paper. They might check off all your boxes. They might be everything you thought you were looking for in a person. But if you’re unhappy, if you cannot picture a future alongside them and dread every moment you spend together, you don’t have to come up with a ‘reasonable’ excuse to leave. You can just leave. 

When you’re with the wrong person, you don’t have to fight harder to make the relationship work. Sometimes, relationships aren’t meant to work. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is walk away. Give each other the opportunity to meet someone who makes more sense as a partner. Someone who can provide the happy ending you’ve both been searching so hard to find.

You shouldn’t stay with someone out of guilt about hurting their feelings. And you shouldn’t stay with someone out of concern that you’re going to look like the bad guy. Breakups suck, but ripping off the bandage is so much better in the long-run than continuing a relationship that isn’t making you happy. 

Remember, your feelings matter, too. You deserve to feel fulfilled, too. If a relationship isn’t working from your side, then it isn’t working, period. It takes two people to commit. If you aren’t feeling the same surge of chemistry, then maybe you aren’t meant to last. Maybe you would be happier if you said your goodbyes now instead of prolonging the inevitable. 

When it feels wrong, you don’t have to stay in the relationship to fix whatever is broken. You don’t have to expend all your energy trying to set things right with the wrong person. Instead, you could go out searching for the right person. You don’t owe anyone a relationship. If it’s not working, you’re allowed to call it quits and move on with your life. 

It takes courage to admit when a relationship isn’t working, especially when all you want is to settle down and start your life with someone special. Walking away is usually harder than staying in place, so if you’re feeling that pull to leave, you should pay attention. Listen to your gut. Don’t ignore the warning signs. 

When it feels wrong, when you know this other person doesn’t have the tools to make you happy, you owe it to yourself to get out of the relationship. Even if it feels selfish or unfair, you need to do what’s best for yourself. You need to make the decision that will allow you to rest the easiest at night. You don’t want to look back and have a life filled with regrets. You don’t want to force yourself to stay in a situation that makes you uncomfortable and hope time will make it easier to cope. 

Relationships aren’t about surviving. They’re about thriving. So if your heart is screaming that they’re wrong for you, you’re allowed to pack your bags. Sometimes, you need to trust your instincts. You need to put yourself first. After all, you owe it to yourself to find a relationship that feels right