Your Weekly Horoscope For December 3 - December 10

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What Each Zodiac Can Expect December 2 Through December 9


This week, explore your softer side. Let yourself be vulnerable and mushy and romantic for a change. Give yourself permission to tear down your walls and allow the right people through because pushing them away won’t protect you the way you think.


This week, don’t assume that every thought you have is one-hundred percent correct. Your feelings could be lying to you. You don’t know exactly what others are thinking, so assuming the worst is only going to cause you pain. Accept that there are some things you don’t know and some things you might misinterpret.


This week, avoid comparing your journey to others. Don’t even compare your present self to your past self because your best will look different every single day. You might be struggling with more today than yesterday, so you might not accomplish as much — and that’s okay.


This week, don’t keep entirely to yourself. Don’t isolate yourself and make yourself feel even more alone. Connect with others, even if that means doing something as small as sending a text or attending an online function. Just try to put yourself out there a little.


This week, aim for happiness instead of mere survival. Remember you are deserving of everything you want from this world. You aren’t greedy and you aren’t sticking your head in the clouds. You can do this. You deserve it.


This week, really listen when others are speaking to you instead of waiting for your turn to talk. Remember that everyone has important lessons they could teach you. If you pay attention, they could end up changing your life.


This week, feel your feelings. Don’t push them away because they’re uncomfortable. Don’t pretend everything is fine because it’s easier that way. Be honest with yourself so you can process what you’re going through and figure out what needs changing, if anything.


This week, stay flexible. Remember that priorities can and will change based on your circumstances and your moods. There’s nothing wrong with rearranging your schedule on the fly to focus on what’s most important.


This week, embrace change. Don’t stubbornly stick to the status quo, simply because that’s the way things have always been done. Be open to new methods and experiences. Don’t immediately discount them because they’re new.


This week, harden your heart a little. Don’t automatically accept apologies without thinking it through. Ask yourself whether this person genuinely means it, whether they will change moving forward, or whether they have been repeating these toxic patterns for long enough.


This week, pay attention to what your gut is telling you. If you feel deeply uncomfortable around someone, you don’t have to spend more time with them. You don’t owe anyone your company. If you feel disrespected by them, then walk through the door.


This week, welcome in constructive criticism. Instead of automatically pushing against it, see if it’ll give you an opportunity to improve and do better tomorrow.