Matthew Alexander

What Each Zodiac Needs To Know When They Turn 40


You’ll start to wish you weren’t so impulsive. While it’s endearing that you can make decisions so quickly, that kind of spontaneity means you’ll create a life for yourself that might not be what you actually wanted. As you reach 40, you may realize that you have to start over. (Luckily, it’s okay to start fresh at any age.)


You’ll be able to throw your back out just by sleeping. Your skeleton is aging right alongside you, even if you don’t look much older than you did at 30. Turning over in bed, bending to pick something up, reaching to get something too high for the elderly lady at the grocery and BAM! Now your back is out.


You won’t be able to drink like you used to. You used to be able to house a bunch of shots and beers and still be able to hold a hilarious conversation, but at 40? One overpriced cocktail and you’re ready to crawl into bed for the night. You might be disappointed at first, but honestly, getting wasted is for college students anyway.


Your confidence is only going to improve. All those insecurities that used to keep you up at night will start to fall away. Sure, some will still remain–after all, confidence is a lifelong battle–but by 40, you’ll care a lot less about what people think of you.


You’ll look a lot less haggard than you’re expecting. You might have seen all those TikToks about how Millennials don’t seem to age, and there’s truth to that. With better skincare habits, you’ll look great at 40. Honestly the idea that you start to look like a crone as soon as you’re out of your 30s is a myth anyway.


You won’t have everything figured out. There’s this hope that, as you get older, you’ll somehow unlock the mysteries of the universe. Or, at the very least, you’ll have your own life figured out. While you might have more insight at 40, you’ll still have so much to learn.


You won’t have the social battery you used to. You love parties, you love hanging out–your social circle gives you life. But you won’t be able to fill your calendar with as many events as you used to. You just don’t have the energy. So as you hit 40, you’ll be more selective with your hangouts, choosing quality over quantity.


Your sex life is only going to improve. Don’t believe the lie that good sex is only for people in their 20s. As you get older, you get more confident in your own body. At 40, you won’t be afraid to ask for what you want, making every encounter that much more fulfilling.


Adventure becomes harder (and easier). As you get older, you have more responsibilities–especially if you go the traditional life route of marriage and kids. You’ll have to put way more planning into travel and obstacles will keep you from doing everything you want. Then again, you probably have more money to make it just right.


You don’t have to put away childish things. You’re 40. So what? Do you really think you need to start acting like a stodgy old person who has no fun? Play with slime, dance like no one’s watching, build a pillow fort. Life doesn’t have to stop being fun just because you’re 40.


You’ll be readier than ever to settle down. You have an idea of how you want your life to be, and as you get into your 40s, you’ll be actively trying to make that dream a reality. From long-term relationships to the classic home and family and dependable car, you’re ready for all of it.


You’ll start to regret all the adventures you could have gone on. You’re the type to look back at your life and think about what could have been. At 40, you’ll look back at your 20s and 30s and think about how you could have done it differently. But, as the years tick by, you’ll realize you can do it all now.