Mrs. Davis

What ‘Mrs. Davis’ Character You Are, According To Your Zodiac

If you haven’t seen it already, Mrs. Davis, now streaming on Peacock, is a must watch! In Mrs. Davis, Sister Simone (played by Betty Gilpin) teams up with her ex, Wiley (played by Jake McDorman), on an wild, unpredictable, and exciting journey to destroy Mrs. Davis, a powerful artificial intelligence who controls the world. Read on to find out what Mrs. Davis character you are, according to your Zodiac (beware there are some spoilers): 

Aries: Wiley

As an Aries, you are Wiley. Like Wiley, you are a natural leader. Also like Wiley, you are confident, motivated, and passionate. You are full of sarcastic humor, and you are absurdly direct and determined. Wiley, as one of the leaders of the Resistance, is highly competitive (I mean, he won the Exalibattle), and unafraid of conflict. He is heroic and honest. Also like Wiley, some of your weaknesses are that you are quite impulsive at times, too arrogant, and ill-tempered when you are frustrated and annoyed. However, above it all, you are an absolute star and a heroic champion.  

Taurus: Father Hans Ziegler

As a Taurus, you are Father Han Ziegler. Just like Father Han Ziegler, you are hard-headed, stubborn, and tenacious. You are also incredibly hardworking and dependable when you are working on a mission. Sometimes this stubbornness and tenacious planning can manifest in ~evil plan ways~ when you have been betrayed and hurt, especially when someone talks down to you. However, when you are appreciated, loved, and cared for you are down-to-earth and incredibly loyal. You are attracted to honesty, serenity, and respect. Therefore, it is so important that you surround yourself with people who value and admire you.  

Gemini: Mathilde LaFleur

You are Mathilde LaFleur. Mathilde is articulate, talented, and craves a challenge. Further, you are constantly juggling a variety of tasks. You are like Mathilde, who juggles motherhood, The Sisterhood of the Coin, cinematography (filming and directing the Holy Grail Super Bowl commercial), and her personal loves and passions. As a Gemini, you are quick-witted and sharp on your feet. You match Mathilde’s curious and multifaceted personality. Lastly, just like Mathilde helping to lead The Sisterhood of the Coin, you know how to pull certain strings and play up your natural talents.  

Cancer: Monty 

Monty is loyal, tenacious, sentimental, and loves his family and his magic. He loves the element of surprise and one of his strengths is his power of persuasion. As a Cancer, you are like Monty. You are a dreamer and you are not limited by reality. You let your imagination take you to great heights and to new tricks. However, similar to Monty, you can be moody, clingy, and insecure. You just want your close ones to love you and for you all to be happy together. Monty has his tricks (like his infamous Queen of Hearts trick) and his faults, but above all he is magic and a dreamer. As a Cancer, you embrace and own this magic too.  

Leo: JQR 

JQR, one of the leaders of the Resistance, is surely one of the craziest, most confident, excitable, and energetic characters of the show. JR is just like a Leo. As a Leo, you like being the center of attention. You are ambitious, loyal, and fiercely protective of those around you. JQR is so protective of Wiley and the other members of the Resistance. As a Leo, you are bold, courageous, and above all a natural leader. Between JQR’s marvelous outfits and his quick witted phrases, he is fearless and incredible. Like you, he has a heart of gold and will always continue to bravely chase his dreams. 

Virgo: Celeste 

As a Virgo, you are Celeste. Virgos are self-reliant, practical, logical, quick. Celeste is an innovative inventor genius. She is always one step ahead of the game. Just like Celeste, you lead by a logical, reasonable, and systematic approach. Once you set your mind to something, you will stop at nothing until you succeed. Virgos are perfectionists and will continue to improve through practice and dedication. Between Celeste’s hunt for Monty and her successful security business, it is clear she holds herself to incredibly high standards and obsesses over her missions. Above all, like Celeste, you are a perfectionist. However, it is important to learn to take the time to respect your skills to find love and success in life.  

Libra: Mother Superior 

Libras are all about balance. You are honest and believe in the love and social connection between others. Like Mother Superior, who has mentored and guided Sister Simone both in her relationship with Jesus and with the Holy Grail, Libras strive for genuine lasting connection and truth. Libras are truly one of the most intelligent and illuminating persons in the Zodiac. As a Libra, you bring people together and charm everyone around you. Mother Superior wisely and faithfully is the mother nun of the convent. Like Mother Superior, Libras are drawn to harmony and symmetry. Libras will also always be there to help out a friend and offer words of encouragement and advice.  

Scorpio: Sister Simone 

Scorpios are discrete and secretive. They give off an air of mystery and allure. This is precisely the admirable, strong, determined, sarcastic, passionate, intelligent protagonist, Sister Simone. Like a true Scorpio, Sister Simone is fearless and bold. She is determined and unafraid to confront Mrs. Davis as well as pursue the seemingly impossible task of finding the Holy Grail. She is fiercely loyal and intense. Similar to Scorpios, Sister Simone has a powerful and passionate presence. However, like a Scorpio, whose intense personality is often mistaken as a fire sign, underneath it all they have deep feelings and emotions pursuant to the water sign. The same is true of Sister Simone. While she certainly comes off a bit harsh and controlling, underneath it all she faces deep emotions, feelings, loss, and conflict. As a Scorpio, it is important not to forget you are a water sign and to let yourself feel and experience your emotions as they surface.  

Sagittarius: Arthur Schrodinger

Just like genius scientist and academic, Arthur Schrodinger, a Sagittarius craves knowledge and independence. Like Arthur, in his pursuit to destroy the Holy Grail, a Sagittarius is an adventurer, risk-taker, and truth-seeker. You also value your freedom and applaud the honesty and integrity of others. You respect people who come into your life with passion, intelligence, and excitement. One weakness, similar to Arthur, is that you can be impatient and desire immediate results with your pursuits. Arthur certainly was impatient and frustrated in his long pursuit to understand and destroy the Holy Grail. You can be the same way (albeit most likely not with destroying the Holy Grail). As a Sagittarius, your love of knowledge will continue to inspire and lead you throughout life.  

Capricorn: Clara

Like Clara, daughter of Mathilde LaFleur, Capricorns are determined, practical, and highly-focused. As a Capricorn, you are a trailblazer and a visionary. Further, like Clara, you aren’t afraid to take risks and optimize your talents. From a young child, Clara was gifted and was willing and able to speak her mind. Clara was unafraid to volunteer and play the lead actress for Holy Grail Super Bowl Commercial. However, some of Capricorn’s weaknesses, which are also shared by Clara, are that they can be pessimistic, greedy, and stubborn at times. For a Capricorn to truly succeed, their heart must be in the right place.  

Aquarius: Joy

Joy, the creator of the powerful AI, Mrs. Davis, is truly extraordinary. Just like an Aquarius, Joy is advanced, intelligent, creative, and optimistic. As an Aquarius, you are progressive, unique, and idealistic. When Joy created Mrs. Davis was, in a sense, forward looking. Further, as an Aquarius, you are optimistic. You hope and look for the best, even in times of negativity and destruction. Joy is the same. Even in the age of Mrs. Davis, she is still hopeful, clever, and innovative. As an Aquarius, it is without a doubt that you will continue to solve problems, dream big, and push the boundaries of society.  

Pisces: Jay

As a Pisces, you are gracious, caring, sensitive, emotionally aware, and kind. You feed those at your table and you take care of those who are sick. Just like Jay, you love to be loved and you love to extend that love to others. Similar to Jay, you develop close relationships with those who give you their trust, respect, and admiration. You remain loyal and true to those in your circle. Further, like Jay, as a Pisces, you experience deep feelings and emotions. Your happiness, sadness, and frustration rise and fall like the water sign of your Zodiac. You also are unbelievably creative and imaginative. As a Pisces, you do not let reality stop you from pursuing your dreams. Lastly, you always aim to encourage, inspire, and support those who pledge themselves in your life. Just like Jay, you will always extend and embrace that love.