Salt Burn

What “Saltburn” Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The internet has been buzzing with talk about Emerald Fennell’s film, Saltburn, which has everyone reeling from a full spectrum of delight to disgust. Based on personality type, these are the zodiac signs each character embodies in this provocative movie…

Aries — Lady Daphne

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries always wants to be first, and “Me first” is the first line we hear from Lady Daphne. Speaking before thinking is an Aries trademark, which Lady Daphne exhibits when she does not even seem to know exactly how many kids she has. Is it two –wait– three? Aries is highly independent and does not always consider other people in their thoughts or actions.

Taurus — Farleigh Start

Taurians exist along the astrological axis of finance, needing a comfy life full of things and luxury. Farleigh shamelessly relies on his Catton cousins to provide for his lifestyle. Although he is resentfully aware of the strings that remain attached and keeps a keen eye on outsiders seeking similar advantages. Like the bull, Farleigh is hard-headed and protective of what’s his.

Gemini — Sir James Catton

Felix’s father, Sir James, is the perfect embodiment of social Gemini. He thoroughly enjoys everything involved in the Gemini specialty of information sharing: sitting around the TV, gabbing about his special interests with anyone who will listen, and looking for any excuse to throw a party. Gemini can be known for its two-faced nature, however. Sir James is here for a good time and knows when to put his best face forward, but ultimately cannot be trusted by his first impression.

Cancer — Paula Quick

Cancer is the zodiac sign ruled by the moon, representing the archetype of the emotionally nurturing mother. Like Cancer, Paula knows how to cultivate a comfortable home that she deeply yearns for her son to visit. It’s okay, though, because she knows Oliver is too busy apparently being the best at everything to make time for his family. It’s a common experience for Cancer placements to give their unconditional love to ungrateful recipients, and Oliver’s mother is no exception. We can only hope her other kids are nicer.

Leo — Felix Catton

Leo is the solar-ruled zodiac sign; and just like all of the planets in the solar system orbit the sun, everyone in Saltburn orbits Felix. Can you blame them? He’s beautiful, warm, and generous just like the lion. He loves to play and is an expert at making others feel seen. However, there is a shadow side to the lion. Loyalty is the highest virtue for Leo, and Felix does not take kindly when friends are disloyal. They will not hesitate to cast you aside when you hurt their pride.

Virgo — Michael Gavey

Mercury-ruled Virgo is the brainiac of the zodiac. Michael perfectly represents this archetype as the nerdy, yet welcoming friend Oliver makes when he first arrives to Oxford. Like Virgo, he shows his friendship through acts of service and never fails to show up as a friend. But Michael is comfortable not fitting in with the party crowd and is soon abandoned when Oliver joins a more shallow group of friends. Poor Virgo often knows when it’s best to just stick to their studies.

Libra — Elsbeth Catton

Like Venusian Libra, Felix’s mother is the embodiment of social grace and beauty. Elsbeth is not one to be direct with her true wants for fear of being perceived as anything other than a kind host. Emotions can be difficult for air signs to navigate, and she prefers avoiding the more serious talks she needs to confront. Not to mention her people-pleasing leads to a conflict avoidance so extreme that it only causes more conflict. In the end, her co-dependent nature is her ultimate downfall.

Scorpio — Oliver Quick

Scorpio embraces the dark side of life that most don’t want to touch. As Taurus’ sister sign along the financial axis, Scorpio also stands to benefit from other people’s money. However, how it’s acquired often involves inheritance and control. Oliver wears his Scorpionic exoskeleton too well. You never quite know what lies beneath the surface, but at least his mystery is kinda sexy. Only a Scorpio would obsess over a person to the point of drinking their bath water.

Sagittarius — Professor Ware

Sagittarius is the sign associated with higher education and self-expansion. So, who better to embody this archetype than Professor Ware? Despite the archer’s relationship to higher learning, Sagittarius still knows not to take himself too seriously. Professor Ware even scolds Oliver for reading all of his optional summer reading list. This is one Sagittarian professor who understands that the best way to learn is to actually get out there and have experiences. You can’t learn if you don’t have a life!

Capricorn — Duncan the Butler

Duncan is a steady and traditional Capricorn. This sign is an old soul deeply connected to the past, just as Duncan is a relic from a former time. A somber man of few words, Duncan can be a bit scary to Oliver who is unused to the formalities of British aristocracy. Capricorns have more emotional depth than they let on. While he might not be the warmest character, we know Duncan cares deeply for the family he serves.

Aquarius — Venetia Catton

Aquarius is Leo’s sister sign, just as Venetia is the sister of Felix. While she loves her brother, she is jealous of his crowd of adoring fans. Although she sets herself apart with her unique sense of style, the same adoration just does not come as easily to her. Where’s her attention? Aquarius can often be the person who still feels unseen in a room full of people. So, despite her sociable nature, she spends much of her time absorbed in her own world and can quickly emotionally detach when she needs to.

Pisces — Poor Dear Pamela

Pamela is a guest at Saltburn until she can get back on her feet. Like Pisces, Pamela seems unsure of how to navigate the harsh reality of the world around her. She is a generally confused person who has no clue what’s going on —guided by vibes alone. The sensitivity of Pisces makes them whimsical spirits and the most empathetic friends. If only she had received the same empathy in return. Poor dear Pamela!