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What To Do When His Texts Keep Getting Shorter And Shorter

When his texts keep getting shorter and shorter, tell yourself it is because he is busy. Remind yourself that work has been stressful for him lately and that he has a lot to balance outside of the office, too. Ignore how things have also been crazy for you but you are still trying to make time for him. Conveniently forget the fact that you deserve the same effort you give.

When his texts become less and less frequent, tell yourself that you were expecting far too much. Scroll through your old messages and attempt to pinpoint the exact moment when his energy began to shift, the instance that you somehow missed before. Blame yourself for his change and wish you had seen the signs sooner. Because then maybe he’d still be interested. Maybe he wouldn’t be acting the way he is now.

When he stops responding altogether, regret experiencing something so raw and so real for someone who would leave you without even saying so much as goodbye.

When it has been a few weeks since you have heard from him last, notice that you are feeling lighter, almost like yourself again. Still find yourself getting the urge to reach out to him occasionally, but end up putting your phone away instead.

When it has been months since you thought of him last, hear his name in conversation and have his image rush to your mind. Remember how much you felt for the wrong person and instead of feeling foolish for falling, feel hopeful because you realize how much more beautiful and deep it will be when it is finally right.