Leonardo Anacleto

What To Expect Before May 15, According To A Tarot Reader + Astrologist


Your card: 6 of Cups

We are an amalgamation of everything that has happened to us leading up to this moment. This week, you’ll be stuck thinking about the moments that have made you you. Whether that’s good or bad is up to how you choose to interpret your past.


Your card: 10 of Cups

You have the opportunity to make something happen this week that you’ve been wanting for a while now. This card is all about fulfilling your dreams, and we’re all rooting for you that it’ll happen.


Your card: 6 of Wands

Something’s going to happen this week that will fill you with much-earned pride. You’ll have a victory large or small, and this might just become one of those weeks that you remember fondly for months or years to come.


Your card: Ace of Wands

If something inspires you this week, run with it. It’s not always the case that you get this much creative inspiration, so it would be a waste to let it go unnoticed. Follow the creative force wherever it leads.


Your card: King of Cups

This week, you’ll be feeling some high emotions. Keep an eye on how you’re feeling, because it’ll be much easier than normal to let those emotions go out of control. But even now, you still have the power to keep cool and stable.


Your card: The Tower

Something you always thought to be true will fall apart this week, and it will shake your very foundations. Hopefully it won’t have any lasting negative consequences for you in the long run.


Your card: 2 of Wands

You have some planning to do this week. While you normally have help for big plans like this, whether it’s from your parents or some helpful friends, you’ll have to go it alone this time. You’ve got this!


Your card: 9 of Pentacles

You might end up with a bit of extra money this week, and you’ll have to decide between spending it or tucking it away. This card speaks of luxury, so you might as well buy that thing you’ve been wanting. (Within reason, of course!)


Your card: The High Priestess

The best thing you can do this week is listen to your intuition. Lead with your gut instinct any time you’re unsure of what to do or who to trust. Don’t ignore it when your body tells you something.


Your card: 2 of Swords

You’re going to have to make a tough decision this week. The worst decisions are the ones without an obvious right answer. Sometimes you just have to make the decision and deal with the consequences.


Your card: Queen of Swords

It’s time to set some boundaries. Make them as clear and concrete as possible. And if they get stomped on, remember that half the battle is enforcing those boundaries when things go awry.


Your card: The Hierophant

This week, you’ll want to fall back on tradition when you’re unsure what to do. It could be the classical kind of tradition passed down through generations, or your own customs that you’ve cultivated over the years.