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What To Expect When You Move In With Your Partner, Based On Their Zodiac


While an Aries partner will get things done, their main state will be “chaos.” Is there any rhyme or reason to what chore they’ll do and when? No, not really, but at least they’re not doing something. While you may want to them to have a little order to their lives, their chaos may just rub off on you in wonderful ways.


Good luck going out on the town. A typical Taurus is a homebody. They’d rather cuddle up with you on the couch and watch crime dramas and murder mysteries than hit the club on a Saturday night. It might be hard to initiate and maintain a schedule of date nights, but if you want to date someone with golden retriever vibes, this is it.


Good luck enforcing physical boundaries in your new shared space. A Gemini partner will have an open-door policy when it comes to the bathroom, something that might gross out other signs on this list. They’ll be up in your space, but that’s just because they’re now enjoying the benefits of living with the person they love.


Be prepared to be your partner’s default in-home therapist. When they get home from work, you’ll hear all the stories, the dramas, the emotions. Just remember that a Cancer partner usually just wants to be heard, and not given advice. It also means that you might need a break every now and then to be on your own.


While living with a Taurus will involve doing the same comfortable thing every day, living with a Leo is the opposite. They have a hard time getting comfortable and get restless or bored easily. That means you have to keep up with their ever-changing mood. The odds of them being down to binge a 6-season show with you over the course of a few weeks is pretty low.


At first glance, it could feel like living with a Virgo is a huge benefit. They’re meticulous and great at getting things done. The problems arise when they get pissed at you for not cleaning on the invisible schedule they created in their head. Aligning your home chore opinions will be a quick way to making living together a lot more pleasant.


Your Libra partner is so excited to live with you because they can chat with you all day long. They’re also excited to show you their home décor ideas–of which they have many. Living with a Libra partner is like moving in a your best friend you also get to snuggle with. The only downside? Good luck getting alone time.


It’s pretty difficult to live with a Scorpio in the first place since it’ll be a struggle for them to even agree to it. Even when they do, they’re going to need a lot of space. Leave them alone when they need it and it’ll be a lot nicer experience for the both of you. Then again, if you’re dating a Scorpio, you’ve already accepted that they’re you won’t have easy access, 24/7.


Sagittarius is one of the signs who gets bored easily, so be prepared for hijinks, parties, impromptu dance competitions. They’ll pull you along for all their adventures whether you want to or not. This is great if you’re the type who wants to do things, but never takes that first step to make them happen. A big downside though? Sagittariuses can be incredibly messy.


Capricorns will put you to work. You’ll feel more like you moved in with your boss than your romantic partner. They’re a workaholic in all aspects of their life, and they’ll delegate tasks to you as they see fit. While it can be annoying to have that kind of energy around 24/7, it’s also nice to have that kind of stability when it doesn’t come naturally to you.


Aquarius is another workaholic, but rather than imposing their impossible standards on you, they’ll just be doing everything themselves. You’ll ask yourself, “Where did my Aquarius go?” Then you’ll find them in the home office toiling away on the LEGO sculpture they’ve been poring over all day. Also, be prepared to learn a lot of hopefully interesting trivia.


Living with a Pisces partner is kind of an emotional rollercoaster. If you’re having a rough time, they’ll be great at listening and making you feel better. But if they’re having an emotionally down day, they might retreat and become quiet. The tactics they use to help you aren’t necessarily the ones they want for themselves. Ask your Pisces partner what they need and, if it’s space, give it to them.