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What You Need To Let Go Of This October, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


As an Aries, you want to be successful at all times with everything you do. You’re hard on yourself, and failure isn’t an option. This coming October, it’s time to let go of doubt. Doubting your abilities or judging yourself solely on being “perfect” will never do you any good. Strive for progress, not perfection. 


As a Taurus, you’re destined to be successful because it’s simply the only option. You’re self-motivated and hold yourself accountable for what you do or don’t do. This October, it’s time to let go of mediocracy. If you feel trapped in a complacent place in life, that is all about to change for the better. 


It’s no secret that negative thoughts have been hindering your growth as of late, Gemini. You can’t help but go to the worst-case scenario instead of looking for a silver lining. In October, it’s time that you let go of negativity. Think positive thoughts, and you will see positive results. 


As a water sign, you’re emotional and in tune with your feelings like no other. This can hinder you from giving yourself grace and moving forward. This October, it’s time that you let go of guilt and shame. Once you release those emotions, nothing and nobody can hold you back from being your best self.


As a Leo, your ego gets you into trouble a lot. This isn’t news to you. This October, it’s time to put that ego of yours to rest once and for all. If the ego drives your decisions, you’ll go nowhere fast.


Use the month to let go of bad spending habits and the need to have excess. You may be tempted to buy things you don’t need just for the novelty of it all. Keep in mind that often, less truly is more. 


As a Libra, sometimes your pride gets in the way of doing the right thing. This October, let your desire to be prideful go and see what incredible things transpire from this release. 


As a Scorpio, you’re bold and courageous by nature. This is no secret. You may be more fearful than usual due to significant changes on the horizon. You’re afraid of what could happen if you fail. But what if you flourish? This October, it’s time to let go of fear of the future. 


As a Sag, you’re your most prominent critic, which can help and hinder your progress. In October, it is time that you let go of comparison. Realizing that you are unique and have so much to offer this world on your own is what you need to move forward. Eyes on the prize.


Whether it be judging yourself or your peers, it never serves you well to be judgmental, Capricorn. In October, it is time to let go of judgment. You’ll likely be wrong if you’re always quick to assume or make assessments based on little to no factual evidence.


In October, it’s time to let go of ignorance. If you’re unfamiliar with a specific topic, it’s best not to speak on it. Properly educate yourself before throwing your two cents in and potentially offending others.


As a water sign, your sensitivity and empathy make you shine, Pisces. You feel for others profoundly and can’t help but give others the benefit of the doubt, no matter how much they hurt you. In October, it’s time that you let go of toxic—whether it be habits, friendships, or relationships.