Jenny Woods

When You’re Ready For Love (But It Never Seems To Be Ready For You)

This is not going to be an article that tells you love finds you when ~*you least expect it.~* Or that it is about the vibes you are putting into the universe. Or that maybe you just are not actually ready for a relationship yet and that is why it has not worked out so far.

Instead, this will be a piece that tells you the hard truth: Finding someone to love is really, really, really hard sometimes.

Because finding someone to love takes a lot of effort. You need to try dating apps. You must talk to strangers you find attractive in public. You have to tell your friends you’re looking so they can think of other single friends they have that could be a potentially good match for you.

And it can get so draining after a while. Believe me, I get it. But maybe that’s kind of the whole point. Maybe love isn’t meant to be easy to find, which is what makes it so very special in the first place.

Finding love and a lasting relationship is going to take time, and sometimes a lot of it. This means you’re going to have to be patient with the process and trust yourself at the same time.

Finding someone to love means trying, trying again, and then trying some more. Finding someone to love sometimes means getting your heart broken. It means needing to put yourself out there again and again and again after that breaking, even while your heart is still on the mend.

Because, most of all, finding someone to love is merely a commitment to hope. And I hope you keep hoping. I really, really do.