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Why You Can’t Let Go (Zodiac Edition)

Aries: You’re too ambitious

Aries, your sign may struggle with something akin to the sunk cost fallacy. When you’ve been working on something for a long time – a friendship, a career – all you can think about is the energy and time you’ve put into it. You’re a competitive sign, which means you hate giving up, especially on things you’ve had or wanted for a while. Even when something is no longer right for you, you don’t want to spend your days wondering if you should have done more. 

Taurus: You’re stubborn

Sign of the bull, it’s no secret that you always like to get your way. When you want something you can’t have, it feels like the best thing for you to do is lock down. You don’t want to change your routine or let go of the things you cherish. In your mind, if you just hold on hard enough, nothing will ever have to ruin your stability and routine. But this isn’t always the case, Taurus – and even if it was, all signs have to go through change; even the most stubborn one.

Gemini: You want it all at once

You’re probably used to being told that you like to juggle things, Gemini. You’re a flexible sign who always wants to be busy. You jump from project to project, so it may seem like you have an easy time letting go of things that don’t interest you. But that’s not necessarily true; when there’s something you’re interested in, even if it’s not right for you, you can’t help but fixate on it (along with all your other interests, of course). This makes it hard for you to let go of something your mind sees as ‘fun’ or ‘interesting,’ because your curiosity can never truly be satisfied.

Cancer: You’re sentimental

Your sign is known for being nostalgic and sentimental; you cherish your loved ones, your memories, and your sentimental objects. This makes it difficult for you to let go of something because you always want to hold on – whether this includes memories that have turned bittersweet, objects you don’t need, or even relationships that have turned toxic. You always want to think about the good times, and sometimes your sentimentality can cloud reality; you see things through the lens of the past rather than understanding that they’re not right for you anymore in the present.

Leo: You want the achievement

Whether you’re looking for praise or another accolade to add to your shelf, you struggle to let go because you fear failure, Leo. This doesn’t just apply to your professional life – it could be that rocky friendship you wanted to keep or the personal project you were hoping to show off to everyone. Especially once you’ve told others in your life about something meaningful to you, you struggle to let go of it – you don’t like people thinking you’re wrong or make bad decisions. That’s not really the case here, though, Leo; things change, and so do people. You’re allowed to switch things up when they’re not right for you anymore; most people have to at some point.

Libra: You fear conflict

If you have a project that’s causing you to burn out or a relationship you just don’t want to continue, you have a hard time telling anyone, Libra. Maybe you’re letting work pile on because you just don’t want to turn anyone down or maybe you’re continuing relationships you’ve outgrown because you can’t stand the thought of confrontation. When you absolutely have to let go of something, you tend to try your best at a ‘slow fade’ – and if it doesn’t work, you often avoid letting go entirely just so that you don’t have to enter a conflict with anyone. 

Virgo: You strive for perfection

To you, Virgo, letting go of something can feel like failure. For a sign who has an extensive to-do list and a track record of catching things nobody else can, it can feel like it goes against your very being to just…give up. Ask yourself, Virgo, is reassessing the same as giving up? Is letting go of something that no longer serves you the same as failure? For true perfection, you should strive to make your life as easy and pleasant for you as possible; this means accepting the fact that you can’t achieve what isn’t right for you.

Scorpio: You need control

Your sign likes to be in control because it gives you reassurance, Scorpio. You struggle to let go of things when doing so is completely out of your control; you want to have the power in any given situation because it comforts you to know that things are in your hands. When that’s taken away from you, you may feel like you want to hold onto something longer than you should in the hopes that you can regain some control over it. This doesn’t usually work out as you hope it would, though, Scorpio; ironically, you can find the most control by accepting that sometimes, you just don’t have any.

Sagittarius: You’re optimistic

Your optimism is a good thing, Sagittarius, let’s be clear. But it’s also an explanation for why you might struggle to let go sometimes. You want to see the best in people and you want to believe the best for yourself. If your career doesn’t suit you anymore, you want to hope that you can adapt and that things will get better. If your relationships have turned toxic, you want to hang onto the past and assure yourself that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Even though you value your freedom, this doesn’t mean you don’t get attached to people, places, and things; your disposition makes it hard for you to see that you really need to let go of something when you’re in the moment.

Capricorn: You never give up

Your sign is conditioned to meet (and beat) your goals no matter what, Capricorn. Giving up just isn’t in your vocabulary, no matter how many new projects you have on your plate or how far away your desires may seem. Whether it’s people, projects, or life goals, despite your sign’s realism, you struggle to release things that no longer serve you. Rather than seeing that letting go is a method of growth, you see it as a sign of failure. That’s not true, Capricorn; sometimes, you need to reevaluate what you really want.

Aquarius: You have a vision for the future

You’re a forward-thinker, Aquarius, which means that you struggle to let go of things you thought you’d have forever. Maybe you were busy planning the next several decades of your life in a particular job you never thought you’d stop liking. Maybe you thought you’d stick with the same circle of people forever. Maybe you never wanted to move out of where you’re living now. You build the ideal world for yourself because it’s what your sign wants to create; as a humanitarian, you’re constantly imagining what could be for the world (and how to get there). When you do the same thing for yourself, though, you sometimes forget that variables can change on a whim, which makes it difficult for you to let go of things that aren’t serving you anymore because you thought you needed them to stay the same forever.

Pisces: You want your dreams to work out

You’ve probably been told that you’re a dreamer a million times, Pisces; it’s the most striking trait of your sign. These dreams can help you understand yourself better; you know yourself well, are aware of your subconscious desires, and know what you want to achieve to be satisfied with yourself. But you sometimes struggle to pull these dreams into reality, especially since your sign loves to dream big. When something isn’t right for you anymore, you struggle to differentiate between the dream where everything works out perfectly and the reality where you need to let go of a goal you wanted to achieve. These kinds of dreams can haunt you, Pisces, making you feel like you could have had it all if you just kept going; but, as intuitive as you are, not all dreams are meant to be real. Sometimes, you need to let go for your own sake.