X Green Flags That Signal You’ve Found Your Forever Person
Anna Kovtun

14 Green Flags That Signal You’ve Found Your Forever Person

“When you feel that your relationship allows you to feel more of who you are. Too many people shut parts of themselves down in order to get along/not annoy/anger their partner. If your partner doesn’t love all of you then they shouldn’t get to have any of you.” — SultanOfSwave

“Someone who is willing to instantly shelve everything else if they think, even for a second, that you aren’t ok.” — sneaky291

“Doing chores before they get to the extreme. Example, washing the dishes in the sink before the sink is filled to the brim. Taking out the trash before we’re battling to fit anything else in there, dusting/wiping things down before it gets disgusting. AND all of this without the other person having to ask you to do it. And I’m not saying one person should be doing all of this, I definitely think it should be an equal amount of work from both parties!” — SandwichMore1508

“Being attentive to your partner most of the time and not letting phones/social media/WORK/etc get in the way.” — Diligent_Oil_6901

“A main green flag for me was ability to talk and evolve. I don’t care if you screw up a lot, but if we can communicate about it and explain to each other where we went wrong and are willing to better ourselves we will be able to handle anything and go the distance.” — bellabbr

“Underrated is simple politeness. Please and thank you for even mundane tasks like passing the salt and pepper. And it shows they are aware of you going out of your way to help around your domicile. ‘Hey, thanks for taking out the trash. Would you like me to make some tea? Yes, please. That sounds delicious.’ So huge.” — def-jam

“When they actively engage in your interests with you without being prompted.” — stridertherogue

“When you feel comfortable enough to discuss pretty much anything with them.” —rowenaravenclaw0

“Supporting your partner through difficult times. Accepting their quirks. Respecting their likes and dislikes, whether you agree with them or not.” — ChrisNEPhilly

“When you notice you can be totally yourself while with your partner. No shields, no withheld urges, no blockades that keep you from totally expressing yourself, no urge to be alone or have too much alone time (because that illustrates you’re not yourself and need to recharge.) Being totally yourself as you are when you are alone. That is one of the biggest green flags to me. Imagine someone loving you totally as you are, and VICE VERSA. Imagine building a life together where the word ‘ME’ gets its ‘M’ turned upside down. That’s love.” — VoidowS

“You can discuss and express emotions together. You can have difficult conversations about the relationship together. You’re not afraid of apologizing. They respect your boundaries and share the same values. There are always more, but those are usually ones I look for.” — Valiric999

“I brought up an issue I had with something my S.O. Said and he said, ‘Thanks for telling me, I’ll be better about that in the future, I’m sorry I made you feel bad!’ Instead of getting defensive and turning the problem back around on me. Major green flag when they can be understanding even when you’re telling them they did something that hurt your feelings.” — Sleeplessjeans

“They acknowledge your feelings without judgment or attempting to solve the situation.” — BlockHeadJones

“There’s a key moment in meeting people I’m compatible with where my weirdness slips out or I mess up something (a fact, an activity, whatever) and I brace for what might come. When someone encounters that and gives me a positive or caring reaction, that’s a huge green flag for me.” — SipexF