17 INTPs Explain Exactly How To Win Over Their Type

1. “Listen to what we have to say. Don’t force us into large groups, especially if we won’t know the majority of the people. We’re reasonably approachable and friendly if not a tad awkward at times. After you’ve talked to us a few times you can start asking us to hang out, we rarely say no if we’re comfortable with you.”

2. “Talk about ideas and follow me into intellectual rabbit holes.”

3. “Engage me with interesting conversation. Ask questions. Do not agree with me in an attempt to appease me. Do not make small talk. If you don’t know, don’t pretend to know.”

4. “Be patient with me. I tend to examine all angles and possibilities before making a decision. Usually if I want you in my life I’ll keep you around while I try to figure out how that might look in the future.”

5. “Don’t be a pushover. I want to engage honestly in conversation and learn about the other person, especially if they have a different opinion.”

6. “Be smart, be kind, let me be myself, give me my space, be caring, challenge me, let me know you, be assertive, make me be the best version of me, share your thoughts, come with me to talk while we see the stars, hug me hard and fuck me hard.”

7. “Make me laugh, be responsible, and give me alone time when I want it.”

8. “Keep up the intrigue by consistently challenging my perspective with unique takes on concepts and ideas (as long as this is authentically you).”

9. “Be accepting of my need for space – I need a lot of it.”

10. “Be confident and intelligent! Too many emotions will probably scare me away though.”

11.Take the initiative, but don’t push too hard. Accept that sometimes I need space to be in my own head. Bring up thought-provoking topics and have fun with verbal banter. Be honest and loyal.”

12. “Don’t crowd me. Take your time. There’s no rush.”

13. “Be relaxed, open minded, confident and persistent. It may take a while for us to clue into the fact that you like us and it may take even longer for us to clue into the fact that we like you.”

14. “Be friendly and OBVIOUS. And keep trying.”

15. “Make me laugh! Tell me about movies you’ve seen or books you’ve read or your political opinions. Sarcasm is welcome.”

16. “Appeal to my playful side! I spend most of my time in my head but I like when you can bring me out of it.”

17. “Don’t hit on me, just start up a great friendship, be slightly flirty to see if I reciprocate, wait until we have a bond and you understand how I think and what I value before pouncing, then rinse and repeat. Those ones are the keepers.”