18 Encanto Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

18 Encanto Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’ve watched Encanto, you probably have a few questions. Namely, why Mirabel didn’t end up with a power of her own. Plenty of fans have theories on this subject – and on everything else you can think of in the film!

Mirabel is her Abuela’s replacement

Dolores and Bruno hung out all the time

Mirabel’s gift is actually the house

Mirabel wiped her own magic away

The house is inhabited by the dead Abuelo

The child was a test

Pepa knew where Bruno was hiding

Mirabel already has a gift

Luca crosses over with Encanto

The Abuela’s doubt messed with the magic

Mirabel is the glue of the family

Mirabel gets a gift halfway through

Mirabel won’t get her gift until someone dies

Mirabel’s gift was misinterpreted like Bruno’s

The house belongs to Mirabel

Mirabel can transport

Camilo ruined her gift

Mirabel’s gift is making others feel at home