Brandon Woelfel

4 Types Of Toxic Relationships To Let Go Of In 2024

A new year means a fresh start, and this means housekeeping in every aspect of your life, including your relationships.

The people we keep in our circle and fall in love with really do impact the quality of our lives, which is why we need to be intentional about who we let in and who we let stay. And in 2024, toxic relationships no longer have a place in our hearts.

Here are four types of toxic relationships to let go of in 2024. 

1. Situationships

Situationships are casual and undefined love affairs that require no commitment but still have high emotional costs because one person usually ends up wanting more than the other. This creates an unhealthy dynamic that is guaranteed to end in heartbreak.

Situationships do more than lead to hurt feelings and broken hearts, though. Situationships also keep us from being honest with others and ourselves as well as prevent true intimacy. Not only that, situationships also skew our perception of what a healthy relationship is. We may think the freedom of “not getting serious” is everything but it only keeps us trapped in loneliness and disconnection. Situationships keeps us from trying at all.

Enough is enough. No more situationships in 2024.

2. One-Sided Friendships

A healthy friendship is one that requires reciprocity and consideration, meaning both sides of the equation should feel loved, supported, and appreciated. And when it comes to a one-sided friendship, this will never be the case.

You’ll know if you have a one-sided friendship if you always feel like their option, never their choice. A convenience even. As well, a one-sided friendship means the majority, if not all, of the focus will be on them. It’s never your turn, basically. Their problems, their opinions, and their lives will always be more important than yours.

One-sided friendships are exhausting and not worth it. Let them go.

3. The Bare Minimum Partner

A bare minimum partner is someone who does just enough to keep you around without putting in the true effort and care to actually foster a loving relationship. Bare minimum partners are all talk, mostly in the form of excuses. Please know that the bare minimum will never be enough. Stop settling for it in 2024.

4. Emotional Vampires

And last but not least, release emotional vampires this year. Emotional vampires only drain you of your empathy, your energy, and your peace. If someone leaves you completely depleted after spending time with them or even having a brief conversation on the phone, they are most likely an emotional vampire. Take your power back and say goodbye. You’ll both be better for it.