Mariam Antadze

4 Zodiacs Craving Lots Of Alone Time This April

Some zodiac signs require more alone time than others. The world is just too much for them. In their solitude, they can rest, recharge, and recenter themselves.

Here are the zodiac signs who need a lot of alone time this April:


With Venus in Gemini, you are getting closure from someone and feeling inspired to let them go. This can be exhausting for you, especially as a highly emotional and intuitive person. You’re going to want to retreat into your shell to rest and recharge — and you should.


It’s already exhausting for Scorpio to be the intense and deep creature they are. But with Mercury in Retrograde this month, you’ll be having important, heavy conversations with people that will leave you feeling drained and in need of alone time to recuperate.


As a Capricorn, you’re all about hard work and creating a successful life for yourself — and that’s admirable, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself that you get burnt out. You might be starting a new life chapter this month, so spend time alone and rest. Like, literally, sleep.


While you, Aquarius, typically love socializing, you still prioritize your alone time. You know that this time is when you can process your thoughts, ideas, and next moves. Mercury in Taurus (and Retrograde) this month has you focusing more on becoming stable and grounded, both in your body and in your environment.