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The 5 Flirtiest Zodiac Signs

Some have the natural flirty nature and others don’t. While an Aquarius might struggle with letting their feelings be known, that’s definitely not the case for a Gemini. If you’re unsure who’s being real with you, or you just want validation that you’re a master at flirting, check out the zodiac signs below. These zodiac signs are natural flirts.


Aries have a hard time keeping their feelings to themselves when they like someone. They’re bold and blunt and want you to know how they feel as soon as they know it themselves. Unlike some of the other signs on this list, their flirting skills definitely aren’t subtle. And if you’re not getting the hint? They’ll likely just use their words to say, “Hey, I like you. I’ve been flirting with you this whole time. Didn’t you notice?”


For a Gemini, flirting is practically a national pastime. The flirting stages are their favorite part of dating, and they’ll often be flirting with several people at once. Some of their flirting is thanks to their natural attraction to the people they’re talking to, but not all of it. Sometimes a Gemini flirts just for the fun of it, even when they have absolutely no intention of taking it any further. This makes them one of the more confusing signs to interact with.


Leos normally like to be the center of attention. They love the high they get from being praised. But if they like someone? They’re suddenly more than willing to give the spotlight over to the person they’re crushing on. Their form of flirting is to step away from the spotlight and give it over to someone else. If you’re getting a lot of attention from a Leo, that’s a good sign they’ve got a thing for you.


Like Gemini, Libra flirts with a lot of people all at once. They just have that natural gravity, pulling in everyone around them. They flirt with their friends, they flirt with the person making their coffee, and of course they flirt with the people they’re attracted to. Because they’re a universal flirt, that does produce some crossed wires when people think a Libra has a crush on them. They either have a thing for you, or they’re treating you like everyone else. Good luck figuring out which is which.


Pisces are natural flirts, but maybe not in the way you’d expect. When a Pisces likes someone, they’ll ask them question after question. That’s because they’re interested in everything about them. Their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Where they grew up. What kind of cake they like. If you pay attention to how a Pisces acts in a group of people, you can spot who they like just based on how much conversation they’re having. One person in the room will get so much more attention than everyone else.