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6 Mindblowing ‘Bridgerton’ TikToks That Will Change The Way You View Season 2

1. This sweet little reference from the first season proves Anthony proposed out of love

In season one, Violet Bridgerton talks to Anthony about Daphne’s upcoming wedding while embroidering tulips for Daphne’s dress. “They symbolize passion,” she explains, then later adds, “Perhaps your bride would like the same.” In season 2, when Anthony goes to propose to Kate after her accident, he brings her tulips. This is a nice nod that he wasn’t proposing to her out of obligation (as Kate believed) but out of the passionate love he felt toward her.


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2. Anthony’s love for Kate isn’t as hidden as he thinks—it shows in his outfits

It’s been clear to most viewers that even from season one, each character (or even family) tend to have a color palate they stick with when it comes to their wardrobe. The Bridgertons tend to dress in different hues of blue, while Kate tends to dress in jewel tones. While Anthony sticks with his family’s color palate at the beginning of season 2, he slowly begins to add jewel tones to his wardrobe as the season goes on—a visual clue that Anthony is not only falling in love with her but choosing Kate over what he perceives as his familial duties.

3. The outfits also showcase some of the drama in Eloise and Penelope’s friendship

Even during season 1, Eloise and Penelope didn’t always see eye-to-eye. Eloise tended to reject societal expectations, often getting annoyed at Penelope for choosing to go along with what was expected of her as a woman. This shows up in their costuming, where Eloise tends to add masculine elements into her outfits (though she is both considered both beautiful and wealthy enough to get away with it) while Penelope tends to overcompensate with hyper-feminine wardrobes, as she is not considered traditionally beautiful in the Ton’s eyes and also because she knows she doesn’t have the privilege of not getting married (unlike Eloise, who has enough familial connections to live as a spinster if she pleases). These differences in wardrobe really show how different the two friends are—and visually nods to some of the conflict between them.

4. Anthony’s flirting actually foreshadows his future with Kate

In the last episode of season 2, when Kate says she is willing to pretend she isn’t feeling well to spend time with Anthony, Anthony holds up three fingers and asks, “How many?” When she answers “three,” he smirks and jokingly holds up another finger, changing the count to four. This is actually a sly nod to his future with Kate, where they initially have three children but later down the line have a surprise fourth child. It makes the (already adorable) moment so much cuter.

5. Kate helping her sister court the man she loves isn’t as strange as you may think

While watching this season of Bridgerton, many people have asked, “Why don’t they just get together already?” It’s clear early on that both Kate and Anthony have feelings for one another (at least, it is to us), but the two continue to fight it, both seeming to believe the best course of action was for him to marry Edwina. While this may seem like emotional immaturity or a lack of communication between the two, this TikTok explains why it actually makes sense—because, in the eyes of society, Kate is considered inferior not only to Anthony but also to Edwina. Kate was considered undesirable for many reasons (such as: her age, her lack of dowry, her social status, her position as an orphan, and her role in the scandal between Mary and her father). Kate knew very well that she wasn’t considered viscountess material on paper—a fact that wasn’t lost on Anthony, either.

6. Anthony spends the season thinking he should be more like his father Edmund—but is more like him than he realizes

Anthony wasn’t the only one who lost his father when Edmund died—all seven of his siblings did, too. Because most were much younger than Anthony at the time, they didn’t have a father figure in their life growing up—or at least, they wouldn’t have if Anthony hadn’t been there to fill the role. In multiple Bridgerton books, the siblings admit that Anthony truly was a father figure to them, and this is referenced in multiple small scenes in the show, especially with Gregory and Hyacinth. That’s when you realize why Anthony is so traumatized by their father’s death when his other siblings don’t seem quite as shaken—not only because Anthony was forced to take over his father’s duties, but because all the siblings still received paternal love from him.