Hardest parts of being attractive and shy at the same time
Cassiano Psomas

The Hardest Parts About Being Attractive And Shy At The Same Time

“People have genuinely interpreted my extreme shyness and nervousness as being stuck-up and egotistical because I have suffered from both throughout the most of my life. I’m not frigid and uncommunicative on the outside because I think I’m superior to others, but rather because I’m scared of others. And I’ve also believed I’m unattractive and gross for a large portion of my life. Confidence doesn’t equate to being attractive.” — Fassescardeew

“Being attractive while also being an anxious/awkward person means not knowing how to react or being uncomfortable when people flirt with you.” — -lighght-

“If you’re attractive right now, people assume you’ve always been attractive. People assume attractive people always get things handed to them. So when you’re a nice looking 30 year old, but maybe were an ugly duckling until you were in your mid 20s, they assume you were a popular teenager, never bullied, and spent your young adulthood being taken on lavish dates and getting free drinks.” — TerribleAttitude

“People are always looking at you. And if you make eye contact, they try to talk to you. This made me very self-conscious, and led to a bad habit of never really looking at other people. I was never really attractive, just normal. But as a naturally shy person the attention was anxiety inducing and I think stunted my social ability because I was afraid to really look at people. I can only imagine how overwhelming it is for really attractive people.” — ntmg

“Getting threatened with violence when you aren’t flattered by being followed. Having to wear a fake wedding ring when you’re single. Can’t have a coffee or a meal without being harassed. Hostility from other women. I have some very light streaks in my hair due to being malnourished as a child. A woman actually pulled my hair because she thought I was lying that it was natural and she wanted to know which hair color dye it was. Another woman grabbed my ear and twisted it, looking for facelift scars when I told her I was in my late 50s. Other nerds don’t take your nerd cred seriously. That actually sucks the most.” — IWillDoItTuesday

“Apparently being attractive means you’re no longer allowed to have mental issues, you know because you’re attractive. I’ve been told ‘you won the genetic lottery. What do you have to be depressed about?’ That’s not what depression is.” — commonsince

“No one ever complimenting you because they automatically assume someone already complimented you lmao it’s a cycle… then you end up not getting any compliments at all and now I’m questioning my attractiveness.” — MommaTino

“If you’re not being hyper friendly and you happen to be an introvert most people just assume you’re a snob or have a bad attitude.” — Karelious

“Being intimidating to the opposite sex without even knowing it because you’re wrapped up in your own insecurities. I got no game.” — FormerFastCat

“Complete and total objectification. It leaves you feeling as if you are never seen or even appreciated for who you are as a person, and is also why many attractive people struggle mentally. The same goes for ‘talented’ people, or really anyone who has a redeemable quality that seems to have the potential to be highly profitable and/or give them a leg up in life. They just rarely receive any positive affirmation that has anything to do with self, which is why you see so many rich and famous people struggling with various struggles.” — NewbieRepGuy