The Secret Mantra That Will Transform Each Zodiac’s 2023

As we settle into a New Year, the energy in the Universe is starting to transform. After a year of setbacks and, at times, uncomfortable growth, 2023 is coming in with a much needed vibe shift, bringing forth a new chapter for all of us. There will still be challenges, but they won’t be the same ones we have been dealing with over the last few years. To help you better set an intention for this renewed energy, and this clean slate, we created one-word mantras for each sign, as a reminder of where to focus your hearts and your manifestations this year. 


Aries — 2023 is going to be a defining year for you where you experience an extreme amount of growth in the areas of image and finance. Your world is going to expand, and alongside it, your self-confidence is also going to transform and strengthen. At times you are going to wonder if you deserve the goodness that is trying to reach you, and you might even experience a lingering fear surrounding all of the things that are going well in your life. Don’t question it, Aries. You are deserving and worthy of everything that is manifesting in your Universe. Embrace it, and don’t look back.

Taurus — “SHINE

Taurus — no other sign in all of the zodiac is going to have the kind of year you are about to embark on. The stars are on your side in 2023, and you are legitimately the center of the Universe when it comes to being favored. You have been through so much at the hands of life over not just the last year, but the last 15. You have fought your way out of the dark, you have navigated hardship, and now you are being rewarded. Your effort has not gone unnoticed, Taurus. This is your time to shine, and shine you will. 

Gemini — “REST

Gemini — the last few months have been extremely difficult for you. You have been through a disorienting amount of ups and downs, but now is the time to rest. You are entering a year of relaxation and calm as Jupiter, the planet of abundance, travels through your unconscious sector for most of the year. This is going to empower you to take the space you need to retreat from the world, and focus on your inner being. This is a year of spirit, Gemini. It’s time to exhale.

Cancer — “LUCKY

Cancer — Jupiter is the planet of abundance, and it’s dancing through your public image and community sectors for all of 2023. This means that you’re going to feel empowered and filled to the brim with motivation. You’re going to connect with the momentum it will take to achieve all of your wildest dreams, and you will witness all of your manifestations materializing. Embrace this luck, and continue to chase the things you desire in this life, because they are yours for the taking.


Leo — you are going to be feeling deep relief in 2023, especially within your career and the connections you hold close to your heart. Things over the last few years have felt chaotic and almost at a standstill. You might have started to give up on the things you dreamed for, because at times it could have felt like you were being restricted and blocked despite all of your hard work. However, this is all changing. This is the year you break free, and take advantage of all of the free-flowing success that is coming your way. You made it here, Leo. Be proud of yourself, and enjoy the accolades.

Virgo — “FREEDOM

Virgo — you are known for being one of the hardest working signs in the Zodiac, but this past year had you working yourself to the bone. You did not stop, and you might have felt both mentally and emotionally exhausted at times. Thankfully, this is the year all of your commitment and sacrifice is going to pay off. You are going to be afforded the freedom you have always desired, because you created that freedom for yourself by building something so much bigger than yourself. Now you can enjoy the fruit of your labor, and fully embrace the other aspects of life you might have missed out on. 

Libra — “GROWTH

Libra — Jupiter, the planet that represents expansive growth, is going to be spending 2023 in your partnership and shared resource sectors, which is going to highlight some extreme transformation in your relationships and within your career. You’re going to be putting a lot of effort into these aspects of your life, and all of your hard work is going to be well received. The Universe is helping for you to expand, both within your heart, and within your goals. Remember to take care of yourself during this time, as well. Focus on what makes you come home to yourself, and try to empower yourself to rest when you need it, Libra. This is your year.

Scorpio — “HEART

Scorpio — 2022 might have felt like a year of extreme recalibration. You were forced to take an honest look at the partnerships in your  life that felt connected and genuine, and the ones that did not. It might have been difficult at times to release certain people you would have usually tried to hold onto, but you were brave and you let go, and this year is going to be incredible due to your efforts. You are entering into 2023 more sculpted, and refined. You know what you want. You know what honors your heart, and you’re moving towards it. This is the year of love for you, Scorpio. It’s going to be beautiful. 

Sagittarius  — “HEALING

Sagittarius —Jupiter, the planet of growth, is spending a lot of time in your health sector this year. This means that it is going to be increasingly important for you to take good care of your physical body, and your mental health. This is the year that you finally start to take these things seriously, and you are being encouraged to treat yourself with a softer kind of kindness as you learn what you need to feel your best in this world. 2023 is all about healing, Sag. It isn’t always going to be the easiest as you create new routines, and let go of vices, but it is always going to be worthwhile. Remember that when you want to retreat into your old ways. 

Capricorn — “JOY

Capricorn — though stereotypical, the last few years have seen you being extremely careful with your resources. You have been watching your spending and taking your money very seriously. Due to this, an immense amount of security has been created in your life, but it hasn’t always brought forth a lot of joy for you. The Universe is calling you to give yourself permission to embrace and enjoy the things you have worked hard to create for yourself. You dreamed of this life, and it’s time to have fun within it. Don’t overindulge, but also don’t stay so tightly wound that you miss out on the bliss you deserve to feel in this life. Loosen up a bit, Capricorn. It’s time to choose pleasure for once.

Aquarius — “RENEW

Aquarius — the last year put a lot of pressure on you when it came to showing up for those in your life, and in your place of work. At times you might have felt depleted, and like you were being pulled in a million different directions. Thankfully, 2023 is bringing an energy to your life that is going to empower you to focus on the comforts of life. You’re going to get back in touch with your roots, and your foundation, and you’re going to choose filling your own cup, instead of pouring so much of your effort and love into things that don’t deserve it. Value yourself this year, Aquarius. Give yourself the same love and empathy that you give to everyone around you, and watch how it changes you for the better.  

Pisces — “TRUST

Pisces — these last few years have brought into your life an energy that might have left you feeling disconnected and isolated from the things you deeply cared about in the past. You might have entered 2023 feeling a little disoriented and detached from those around you. However, 2023 is a year of getting back in touch with yourself and with those you genuinely feel connected to. Make it a point to put yourself out there, to be social, and to remind yourself that you deserve to take up space in this world. Trust that you belong, Pisces. People are lucky to have you in their energy. Never forget that.