Anna Shvets

What Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Before November 1


It’s not always easy to do what you know is right. In fact, sometimes it’s difficult just to figure out what the right thing to do really is. When you’re feeling torn, instead of following the impulse to react immediately, take a step back and look inward. Your intuition is there to guide you.


You’re great at rolling with the punches but just because you can doesn’t mean you always should. Sometimes the better option is to step back, to take a break, to reevaluate the situation and decide if it’s really worth the work and the grief. Going forward simply for the sake of not quitting might sound good on paper but rarely does well for your soul.


There’s a lot of noise in the world about what you should be doing, about what others want from their (and your) life, about what’s considered acceptable. But it’s important that you cut through the chatter and the expectations and figure out what you really want. What kind of life could make you happy, and what can you do now to achieve that? It’s rarely, if ever, worth putting off your happiness for someone else.


You often underestimate your ability or overlook your own power. It’s easy to feel like life is completely out of your hands and that other people are somehow more knowledgeable or competent than you, but by doing so you’re discounting yourself before you even have the chance to prove yourself. Sometimes you just need to have a little more faith in yourself.


Sometimes we have to leave behind one situation to move on to another one. It might be difficult, and it might break your heart, and it might be the last thing you want to do in this moment, but you have to have faith that you’re doing what’s best for yourself. You will end up somewhere better; you will be okay.


You’re the kind of person that isn’t afraid to make sacrifices to get the things you want. And while that can be an admirable trait, it’s also important to realize that some of those things you’re willing to give up will be the things you regret most some days. Because you may tell yourself you don’t need to go to the party or take the trip or go on the date, but those are oftentimes the things that make life the most beautiful.


You have the power to create so much goodness in the world if you choose to. There are so many people who could benefit from your diplomatic mindset, so many people who could feel healed by your positivity, so many people who could feel seen and secure in your unwavering sense of love. Please do not be afraid to share all of these wonderful things with the world.


Sometimes you get so stuck in your head that you convince yourself that you’re out of options, that there’s nowhere else to go. But the truth is that life is often a matter of perspective, and choosing to give into pessimism is much more likely to keep you stagnant than choosing to indulge in positivity. Know that there is always a way out, even if you don’t recognize it now.


You are the kind of person who was made to go out into the world and explore it for everything that it is. If there’s something holding you back from doing so, it’s time to give it a deeper look and figure out what’s keeping you tethered and whether it’s truly worth it. There is so much out there waiting for you if only you’d take the leap.


Sometimes the world will break your heart and it’s difficult to really move on from it. But I hope you remember that even if things are difficult now, there are always good things happening, too—it’s just that sometimes we get blinded by our grief and disappointment that we forget to acknowledge them. Look for these little moments of light, even in the darkest situations.


You have a tendency to get lost in your head and float away with your thoughts. It’s not necessarily a bad thing—after all, your brain is a beautiful thing—but I hope you don’t get so caught up in it that you neglect the outside world. There are people who love you and need you and a whole life for you to live—so make sure you’re properly living it.


No matter how overwhelming life becomes, no matter how many responsibilities you take on, never forget the importance of connecting with your inner child. You are such a creative, dreamy person, and the most restorative thing for you is remembering how to play, how to approach the world with curiosity, how to color outside the lines. Reach out to that part of yourself.