Tetiana Kobzeva

Your Guilty Pleasure, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Hitting the snooze button in the morning may be Aries’ greatest guilty pleasure. Though active and always on the go, they love their beauty sleep.


Sometimes Taurus likes to indulge in some late-night online shopping. They work hard for everything they have in life and occasionally feel themselves now and then.


In their free time, Gemini prefers keeping up with celebrity gossip and the latest trends in media. They can’t help but read headlines and stay in the loop with the entertainment world.


Cancer tends to isolate themselves when they aren’t feeling their best. Their greatest guilty pleasure is throwing a pity party for one. A cozy blanket, a sappy rom-com, and some ice cream on the couch are just what they need to get back in good spirits.


Leo loves being in the limelight; we all know this. On a Friday night, they have no shame in getting all dolled up and having a solo photoshoot. They love to feel like the center of attention, even when it’s their attention.


Libras are constantly revisiting past discussions and events they’ve endured. They are guilty of asking themselves ‘What if?’ and nitpicking choices they cannot change. They are constantly daydreaming and coming up with scenarios about what could be.


Whether they’re prying through their crush’s social media feed or checking up on a former coworker’s Facebook account, Virgo will surely be the best at creeping. They become enthralled in scrolling through their phone and discovering juicy details about other people.


A Sagittarius loves to nurture their inner child. They appreciate childlike activities and watching nostalgic movies when they feel like a blast from the past. They never stop embracing their younger self at any age.


Whether it’s eavesdropping on a conversation at dinner or people-watching in the park, Scorpio can’t help but be nosy. They are prone to indulging in harmless gossip from time to time. 


It’s no secret that Capricorn appreciates the finer things in life. Their expensive taste is something they take pride in. They tend to overspend on things they don’t need in hopes of filling a void.


Aquarius love to treat themselves at the end of a long work week. Their guilty pleasure is rewarding themselves with whatever they feel in the moment, whether it be a chocolate bar or a batch of fresh flowers at the grocery store.


Pisces’ guilty pleasure is a long, long cry occasionally. They are sensitive by nature but are excellent at hiding those deep emotions from the rest of the world.