Jonathan Borba

Your Twin Flame Reading For This Weekend, Based On Your Zodiac (December 8-10)

If you have a twin flame or divine counterpart or a special person you feel spiritually aligned with, learn what is written in the stars for love and romance for you this weekend.


Holding onto too tightly to people can make it harder to manifest the person that is truly meant for you, Aries. Remember that those who are meant to be in your life will fight for you and bring joy to you even during times of sorrow. This weekend, envision what you want your dream partner to do for you. How would they take care of you? Then, show up for yourself that way so you are fully aligned with the love you desire. This will bring you closer to your true twin flame.


The universe is always working in your favor, Taurus. You’ve closed yourself off to love as a protective measure, but it’s okay to take some baby steps toward fulfilling your deep craving for connection. Look more closely at the past traumas and wounds that may be holding you back and the karmic partners who have led you astray. If there’s a special person in your life you think is your twin flame, evaluate this connection more closely to see whether they’re reminiscent of these karmics or bring a different kind of blissful divine union. You will find the answers within. 


This is the perfect weekend to ground yourself, Gemini. Journal, meditate, and breathe deeply as you self-soothe. You may be going on a romantic date or run into a romantic prospect that has the potential to grow into a deeper connection this weekend. Just remember to be wary of the red flags. Every partner you meet brings you closer to who you’re meant to be with, so see each partner as a growing and learning experience. When you re-unite with your true twin flame, you’ll know. 


Pace yourself, Cancer. You’re getting dangerously close to becoming obsessed and infatuated. Make sure you’re not ensnared in a fantasy relationship and remember to invest in yourself first and foremost this weekend. Avoid reaching out to people who have made you feel small this weekend. The more you stay away from energy vampires, the more receptive you’ll be to the kind of soulmate or twin flame connection you’re looking for. Remember: your true twin flame will inspire growth in healthy ways and not through toxic fixation. 


You’ve been feeling exhausted lately, Leo. Maybe it’s because this connection feels too good to be true, or maybe it’s because it is. Ask yourself: does this relationship have tumultuous highs and lows that seem to interfere with your highest good? Or does it bring you closer to your highest good? Remember to create a sense of inner safety this weekend and tap into your intuition. Don’t get so overwhelmed with rose-colored glasses that you ignore the red flags. 


Put that analytical nature to use, Virgo. Your twin flame wouldn’t hurt you on purpose, so the biggest question to ask yourself is: are they a deliberately harmful person? Even when harm is accidental, it still leaves an impact. Space may be needed in this connection, Virgo. It’s time to recharge this weekend with some self-care and take care of yourself. Remember, your true divine counterpart would never want you feeling anything else than loved and cherished.


Your life has always been about a delicate balancing act, Libra, and this weekend you may be experiencing an imbalance in your relationships. You know there is someone truly special out there for you; you may have even met them already. But your fear and anxiety of taking up space in your relationships has kept you from letting anyone in. That’s understandable, Libra, but remember that if you build self-trust, you’ll learn to set healthy boundaries when needed. This weekend, put yourself out there so more people can have the honor of your company and of truly “seeing” you. Enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to flirt and explore your options. 


It’s a vast, mysterious world out there, Scorpio, and you may be feeling called to explore it lately. Will you take the risk? Whether you’re already with a divine partner or feel the calling of one pulling at your heartstrings, you were here to expand your consciousness about what it means to give love and receive it. You’ve done a great job of becoming more receptive to love and now it’s time to explore how you can give it in healthy, safe ways to the people who actually deserve your time and energy. This weekend, open your heart up to both platonic and romantic connections that most nourish you. You’ll be surprised at what (and who) you’ll find intrigues you on a soul level. 


Sagittarius, you’re by nature a wanderer always on the hunt for something more, something greater on the horizon. You’ve nourished love’s fire only to run away as soon as it’s been ignited. That’s okay, Sagittarius – you’ve probably run away from incompatible partners anyhow. But this weekend is the perfect time to start exploring the new and past connections that make you feel most alive. You’re here to be loved deeply, and it all starts with self-love. Love yourself enough to make yourself just a tad more emotionally available to people this weekend and show some vulnerability at your own pace. 


A work-life balance is needed this weekend, Capricorn. You’ve spent many holidays and weekends pursuing ambitious ventures and sometimes neglect to pursue your more personal connections. It’s time to connect with your twin flame or a potential soulmate in a more sensual way this weekend. You’ll experience affection like never before these coming days, so enjoy yourself. 


Start to wear your heart on your sleeve a bit more, Aquarius. It makes you that much more desirable to potential mates when you’re not afraid to share your heart’s deepest cravings and more vulnerable truths. Whether you’re with a karmic soulmate or a twin flame (or connected to both), it’s time to make more of a decision this weekend. Your karmic teaches you life lessons needed to connect to your divine truth, but your twin flame is the one who will help you make your dreams come true. 


Flow like the water this weekend, Pisces. Don’t get trapped into cycles of wishy-washy or hot and cold behavior that leaves you feeling trapped. You’re allowed to disrupt toxic cycles in your relationships, whether they’re a twin flame or not. You’re allowed to own your boundaries and shine in your strengths. This weekend is all about self-respect. If there are gaps in your relationship with your twin flame or romantic partner, now is the time to address them. You deserve a healthy relationship that makes you feel confident, fulfilled, and self-assured – not walking on eggshells.