Jacqueline Whitney

Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Long They Take To Get Over A Breakup

1. Leo

Leos definitely get over a breakup the fastest. It’s simply not in your nature to let yourself wallow for long. You’re definitely very loving and warm in your relationships, but as soon as something ends, you’re less focused on rehashing what went wrong and more focused on doing what you can to continue improving and taking care of yourself. So rather than laying on the couch and throwing a pity party, you’re out hanging with friends, taking a class in something you love, taking on extra responsibilities at work, etc.

2. Sagittarius

It is simply unlike a Sagittarius to be downhearted and crestfallen for long. You certainly give yourself space to grieve and you make an effort not to be overly optimistic about how soon you think you’ll move on. But as the weeks go by, you have no problem doing things to cheer yourself up and help speed up the breakup process – like going on a fun vacation with your friends, treating yourself to a spa day, making frequent dinner plans, etc.

3. Aries

An Aries is not brokenhearted for long – and this is mostly because you don’t give yourself the time. When you’re sad and disheartened, you just keep yourself constantly moving for fear that if you sit still for too long, you’ll never want to get out of bed. So in the midst of a breakup you are constantly out and about, seeing and doing everything, so that your heart has no choice but to adapt and adjust.

4. Pisces

A brokenhearted Pisces is open about being brokenhearted. And this is what helps you to move on faster. You’re so sensitive and compassionate, even with yourself, that it’s impossible for you to ignore your own feelings. So you typically just spend a lot of time talking about your relationship with people you trust, and getting your feelings off of your chest, so that your heart has enough relief and space to start putting itself back together.

5. Capricorn

When it comes to moving on, a Capricorn is as methodical and practical as they come. You’re smart enough to know that you have to acknowledge your own sadness and look it in the face, but instead of being overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next, you just always focus on the ‘next step’ of getting over that person – you give yourself the appropriate amount of time you think you need to grieve, you focus on the things you can control, you unfollow them or hide them on social media if that helps, etc.

6. Cancer

You would think that a Cancer would be one of the signs that takes the absolute longest amount of time possible to move on, but it’s not nearly that bad. Sure, you wear your heart on your sleeve and you feel things very deeply – and while that can make your breakup very painful, it can actually make it healthier and more productive, too. You refuse to hide your heartbreak and you’re honest with people about how devastated you are, but because of this, you are able to address your feelings faster and learn what helps you and what doesn’t. So it does take you some time to grieve and heal, but not nearly as much time as you might initially assume.

7. Libra

A Libra’s biggest struggle during a breakup is feeling lost. You don’t know exactly what you need – would it make you feel better to be alone or to be around people? Are you sure you did the right thing? What if this breakup was a bad idea? Should you call them? What if they’re already over you? You get caught up in too many uncertainties instead of just committing to the breakup and letting yourself move on in whatever way works best for you.

8. Virgo

A Virgo is their own biggest enemy when it comes to moving on. This is mostly because you convince yourself that the breakup was entirely your fault, that if it couldn’t work with this person it’s never going to work with anyone else, and maybe you should just start getting used to being alone – etc, etc, etc. You never let yourself just shut your brain off and give your soul some quiet time to rest. You’re just constantly overthinking about what you could have done differently and how you’ll probably be this sad forever and a million other problems – which makes it practically impossible for you to get over them.

9. Gemini

A brokenhearted Gemini is a ticking time bomb. You feel the need to convince everyone else that you are okay, and you spend all of your energy trying to show them – even though, internally, you are completely shattered and devastated. The reason it takes so damn long for you to get over them is because you keep getting in your own way, spending all your time trying to put on a brave face instead of working on your emotional health.

10. Aquarius

An Aquarius feels heartbreak just as much as the next person but doesn’t ‘realize’ it. Meaning that instead of acknowledging that you are in pain, you do whatever you can to ignore it, to distract yourself, and to put off dealing with the breakup for as long as you can. This seems to work in the beginning and you often seem like the one who’s ‘winning’ the breakup, but it just ends up screwing you over long term – because your hurt and pain just build and build and build until finally it’s so bad and it’s taken so long for you to feel better that you have no choice but to finally work through the breakup.

11. Scorpio

When it comes to moving on, a Scorpio is just terrible. Understandably, going through a breakup makes you feel totally outside of yourself and lost in your own world. But instead of dealing with it by leaning on others and looking your pain in the face, you end up making a lot of rash and reckless decisions, closing yourself off, convincing yourself that your pain is something to be ashamed about, not talking to anyone about it, etc. These are all of your attempts to protect yourself, but all it does is make the ‘moving on’ process of your breakup practically impossible until you start making different decisions.

12. Taurus

A Taurus is no stranger to intense emotions – it’s the what you’re supposed to do with the negative emotions that really throws you. You absolutely love being in a relationship – you love the companionship, the blending of worlds, the connection. So when that gets pulled out from under you, all you can think about is how great everything used to be, instead of focusing on the future like you need to. You take the absolute longest to move on from a breakup because you don’t know how to let go of your partner or your pain; all you want is for things to just go back to the way they were, and this coping mechanism of wanting to live in the past just completely holds you back.