Fans Give Their Brutally Honest Opinion On How ‘This Is Us’ Ended

Fans Share Their Brutally Honest Opinion On How ‘This Is Us’ Ended

After six seasons, This Is Us has come to an end. However, some fans are divided over whether they were satisfied by the finale or were left wanting more. There are spoilers ahead, so make sure you’ve finished the whole series before reading these opinions on the finale of This Is Us

“Why was there a need to have everyone married? Why couldn’t Kate be a single mother after her divorce? Why couldn’t Madison be a single mom? Why couldn’t Kevin just be a divorced man?” — OrganicSafe213

“I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to hear ANY of the eulogies.” — BluePersephone99

“Not sure how to interpret Toby’s ‘I love you’ in this episode. I really wish they’d stayed married and not grown apart so much. Overall a touching finale, I just feel like we didn’t get to see the happy future moments as much as the sad moments.” — BluePersephone99

“Just finished it yesterday….hmmm wished there was more. I will miss the Pearson family.” — [deleted]

“Super sad about the finale. It was so lame. Too much Randall! Like geez we get it! We have seen him enough. He is a good speaker, awesome. I wanted to see Kevin and his kids, Sophie and him more. They are re so great together! So much chemistry. It just revolves around Randall and Deja. Not even his own girls. I really wish they had done something more special like they used to do. They would start out with a theme at the beginning of the episode and then come back to it at the end which is what made it such a great show. The finale failed in so many ways.” — Lildozer81

“The finale was a bit flat for me. I think the ending could have used a montage of the Big Three at a future Thanksgiving Dinner or something with Kevin as Pilgrim Rick, carrying on with their kids and Randall’s grandchild. Just SOMETHING to show them staying close as a family unit… as if Rebecca and Jack were observing it. We needed something to hold onto in the future to release ourselves from the weekly dose of them with a greater sense of fulfillment.” — The_Hormonalisa

“I really wished they had a final scene of reuniting in some sort of afterlife. I was hoping that after Rebecca met up with Jack on the bed there was a transition into them walking into the afterlife together where they both would meet up with the loved ones from the past and got to see Kyle (baby who passed away during birth) again. Then it could be a final scene of everyone including Miguel, William, etc all holding hands looking down on them while they say the lines that they are still present in their lives even after death.” — Sea_Chocolate_2681

“I thought The Train was the series final. I thought it was a perfect ending of Rebecca laying in the bed and then boom. That is it. She has officially died. Her story is over. This episode just didn’t add anything. It felt more like a filer episode than a final.” — TheDrNewton

“BOOOOOOORING! Ugh! I loved this series so much, but this whole last season was frustrating as hell and also boring. The last few episodes were so drawn out, and rather than deepen the characters we know and love and get to know them on a more intimate level, there were all these new add-ons and distractions. Like did we really need Marcus and his family having the accident? I wanted to know the hows and whys of Nicky and his wife actually working out, or how Sophie and Kevin finally made it work, or how Kate managed to go from a community college graduate to a master’s designing curriculum for an entire state. Or even more fleshed out between Deja and Malik, or how Tess developed and integrated her identities. I DIDN’T need a Hugh Grant knock-off with 0 character development, I didn’t need the home nurse making so many appearances, I didn’t need to keep flashing back to when the 3 were kids and repetitive family sequences that didn’t add anything to the story….that was interesting device for a few seasons, but then, we got it…. competition, jealousy, run of the mill sibling/parenting stuff. I wanted to see how Kevin and Nicky managed to stay sober despite seemingly never going to any AA meetings, working the steps, talking to a sponsor etc. In summary, frustrating and convoluted, yet somehow repetitive.” — HellsBez

“Who else thinks that the show effed over Miguel? He could have become a major character. But they gave him an afterthought episode at the very end.” — ChillinWithAC

“Funny thing: Phillip and Sophie are nothing in the finale, but we got a powerful Katoby moment… They really dropped the ball with those endgames.” — ustrittena