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How To Manifest Everything You Want, According To Your Zodiac Sign

With so many different manifestation techniques available for us to utilize, let’s break it down according to your zodiac sign and see what tool in particular will help you become a magnet for your dreams.


With drive and ambition, not to mention boundless energy, putting the action into the law of attraction is a surefire way to manifest your dreams into reality for those Aries souls reading.

While some zodiac signs do well with small steps, Aries have the power to take gigantic leaps—think asking your boss for a meeting to discuss a promotion or shooting your shot with the guy that serves you coffee each morning.

Plus, for a sign that gets bored quickly, leaping into your vision board life by following your gut feeling is the perfect way to add a little spice to your manifesting routine


Ah, Taurus, the Zodiac sign that seeks out pleasure wherever they go. Creating moments of luxury and really embracing self-care as a non-negotiable means a Manifestation Bath is the ideal way for you to connect to the Universe.

Use your best oils, salts, and creams, light candles to create that soft ambiance, and place your crystals (check in case they are water soluble) around the tub. Play some calming music in the background, and as you lay back, close your eyes and begin to daydream about your vision board life. Really soak up that magnetic energy.

Once you’ve finished the bath, imagine negative habits, the voice of your inner critic, and anything else holding you back washing away down the plug hole. 


Let me introduce the concept of riffin’ with the Universe to the fast-paced Geminis among us. If you’re searching for a manifestation tool that flows seamlessly into your go-go-go lifestyle, then using your car journeys to speak your manifestations into existence is *chefs kiss*.

Yes, it might feel a little unnatural to have a conversation with something you can’t actually see, but riffin’ with the Universe could include listing off everything you’re grateful for that day, speaking into existence what you’d like to manifest, or setting an intention of how you’d like the day to go.

Next time you get in the car going to one of the many events you’ve rsvp’d to, dial up the Universe and get chatting. 


Those under the sign of Cancer are notoriously ruled by their gut, with intuition being the first thing they lean on when going in search of clarity. Much like the crab has a hard shell, protecting itself from the world, you won’t find a Cancer sharing their deepest thoughts.

Which is why Connection Journaling is the tool to turn to when manifesting for this particular zodiac sign.

Connection Journaling is a form of journaling where you ask the Universe a question and allow the pen to form the answer. Let your intuition guide your journaling and write whatever comes to mind. Don’t edit. Don’t judge. Just allow your subconscious to bring the answer forth. You always have that answer inside of you, even if you don’t at first realize that.


What better way to manifest for an artistic Leo than with a vision board. Leo’s enjoy expressing themselves creatively and don’t hold back from sharing their dreams with those who choose to listen.

Begin by looking through Pinterest to find images that align with your goals—however, don’t be too literal. Perhaps a girl on top of a roof in New York symbolizes freedom to you, rather than actually visiting NYC. The key is to choose images and words that evoke a certain feeling or emotion.

While a digital vision board is great for a phone screen, there’s real power in a traditional vision board, so take an afternoon to get crafty, cutting and sticking until you create something aesthetically pleasing to hang in your home. After all, Leos love their home environment to be both inspiring and instagrammable.


When we consider their nature for giving back and looking for different ways to help others, the most energy-shifting manifestation tool for Virgos would be something like the Boomerang Effect.

But what exactly is the Boomerang Effect?

Just like the course of a boomerang, we put out energy into the world knowing that what we send out, we receive back. Maybe you want to share your skills or help at a local charity or even ask your neighbor if they need anything from the shops.

When you move into a more giving energy—without needing something back in return—you’ll notice your vibration shift almost instantly. And what happens when you’re in a high vibe state? You tune into more that keeps your energy high vibe. Ask yourself, how can you give back into the world today?


There’s no denying it, Librans LOVE a list. But they also don’t like to commit to too many things at once with their indecisive nature. Which is why something like the 100 List is a great technique to manifest…and keep options open.

Simply take your notebook and begin to make a list of 100 things you’d like to experience, have, be, see, feel, etc. For some, this may come easily, but for others, even thinking of 10 things might feel like a challenge.

The key is to not feel pressured to write down everything at once and instead, keep it more as an ongoing manifestation list that you and the Universe are keeping an eye on. Just don’t forget to tick things off and thank the Universe once they’ve come to fruition.


With a Scorpio’s passionate energy and ability to share their voice without fear, magic can enter your life by speaking affirmations into existence.

Begin by writing down the limiting beliefs or what your inner critic is saying to you. For example, maybe you want to manifest a certain amount of money, but that voice in your head says it’s not possible, you’re not worth it, there’s no way that amount of money can ever come to you.

Now, find the opposite statement for each of these and create your own personalized affirmations to say out loud, perhaps in the shower or when you’re going on your daily walk. You are worthy of everything you desire. If it is possible for others to be abundant, then it is possible for you. There are a wealth of ways money can come to you in both expected and unexpected ways.

Repeat daily. 


If we were to sum up the energy of those born under the Sagittarius sign, it would be spontaneous, optimistic, and adventurous. Which is why “Acting As If” is the perfect technique to help them turn their vision board into reality.

For the Sagittarius souls among us, “Acting As If” is a way of acting as if your manifestation has already arrived, embodying the person you’d be if you already had your dream life—before it arrives physically.

Consider what you’d wear, how you’d act, what routines you’d have, what habits you’d have, how you’d spend your day, who you would spend time with, how you’d show up for work, how you’d spend your evenings and weekends, etc. Begin to think like your highest self and notice how quickly your manifestations appear when you act as if they’ve already arrived.


Similar to the Sagittarius sign and “Acting As If”, dressing like your next level self is incredibly powerful for Capricorns.

Living a beautiful life is key for Capricorns, and using clothes to project their personality is one of their strongest points. You know the old saying dress for the job you want? Well, Capricorns can manifest quickly by dressing for the life they want.

Take a look in your wardrobe right now and see whether the clothes you have reflect the life you want. Does your highest self wear old grubby underwear? Do they accessorize? This isn’t about spending a ton of money, either—grab all of your clothes out of the closet and rework outfits that make you feel good, and in turn, raise your vibration. 


Visualization—or daydreaming if you like—is the ideal way for the big-picture-thinking Aquarian to begin their manifesting journey.

Aquarian signs can often be found deep in their own thoughts, dreaming up scenarios and conversations as if they’ve already happened. Which is, in fact, one of the most powerful ways to manifest—the key is to use this tool in a positive way and visualize the best possible outcome rather than fixate on the worst.

Dream up what you want your ideal life to look like. Visualize where you’d travel if money was no object, who you’d spend time with, driving your dream car around your dream neighborhood before pulling into the drive at your ideal home.

When you live in your head, like so many Aquarian signs do, why not make it a high-vibe place to be, full of opportunities and expansive ideas? 


Scripting is a form of writing a diary entry as if your manifestations have come to fruition, which is an incredibly powerful way for calm, intuitive, open-minded Pisces to attract their dreams and connect to the Universe.

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable to sit, start with a fresh page, and script as if your desires are your reality, using as much descriptive language as possible.

Describe how you felt waking up, the sounds you heard, what you ate for breakfast, your daily work out, your reflection in the mirror, how you spent your morning, who you spent your evening with. Be as descriptive as possible and don’t forget to use past and present tense as if you’re writing from the very same day.