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Why You’re Not Achieving Your Goal, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: You’re too impatient.

Aries, patience is not your strong suit. You like to rush into things head-on, take risks, and take charge. Playing the long game isn’t something you enjoy—you want to see results! When it comes to goals that don’t have anything to show until the very end, you often struggle to keep pushing (especially when there are other projects that will get you the change you want to see much faster). To combat this, try keeping one longer goal alongside several other shorter ones. You’ll be boosted by small changes while waiting for a bigger payoff.

Taurus: You’re too comfortable.

As a Taurus, you probably already know that you’re too familiar with your comfort zone. Your sign sometimes finds it impossible to take risks, which can sometimes make achieving your goals a slow process. When it comes to tasks that require a little bit of challenge and spontaneity, you may find it difficult to stick to the plan. But you can always try making small changes one at a time, Taurus—a little risk may be easier to stomach than a big one.

Gemini: You’re too busy.

Gemini, you have a lot on your plate. As the sign of the twin, you’re multifaceted—you can’t help but have a million things going on at once. But being pulled in all directions makes it difficult to focus on one thing at a time. Projects that require a lot of focus and time aren’t always your strong suit, especially if they take a long time and you find yourself more interested in starting something new. Still, you can always try picking up many new smaller projects while working on something more long-term as a way of keeping yourself interested. 

Cancer: You don’t set boundaries.

Cancer, you’ve probably heard before that you need to set some boundaries with other people. But what about with yourself? There’s really no such thing as being too kind to yourself, but your sign can sometimes tend to be overly lenient when it comes to achieving your goals. Hard deadlines and serious projects aren’t always your forte, Cancer. If you want to work on this, try holding yourself accountable (and asking your friends or family to help). Set goals for yourself that you want to achieve in a certain way, and track your progress to ensure you’ll stick to it.

Leo: You’re not invested enough.

Leo, your sign tends to have a lot of accomplishments behind you! But when you’re setting goals that are completely personal and don’t have much accountability, you struggle to accomplish them. The projects you perform the best on are the ones that will be seen by everyone important to you, but the goals you sometimes struggle with are more personal ones. If possible, you might want to invite other people to join you in these goals or just let them know what you’re working on. This is a great way of making it so that your personal accomplishments can still be seen by the people you want to share them with.

Virgo: You set the bar too high.

Virgo, if it were up to you, nothing would ever be finished. When it comes to projects that don’t have a deadline or personal goals you’re working on, you’ll never have them perfected, so they’ll never be finished. You’re great when it comes to attention to detail, which should make it easier for you than most to achieve your goals. But you need to refocus your efforts on setting an end date for yourself instead of continuing to make minuscule changes. First, you can always try setting a personal goal that’s constantly changing, so that you can update milestones for yourself as you achieve them. Secondly, you should also focus on creating small goals with deadlines that will ensure you won’t be able to keep aiming for complete perfection on any of them, as a way of practicing imperfection.

Libra: You’re too indecisive.

Libra, when it comes to your personal goals, you probably have a lot of aspirations. You’re a social and very professional sign, which makes you well-liked in your personal life and your career. But you also struggle when it comes to making decisions, which can sometimes make you try to achieve everything at once (even when it’s not possible) or end up with nothing because you took too long to make a decision. We’ve all been there, Libra, and it’s hard to know that you can’t always have it all at once. But no decision is worse than a decision you’re uncertain about. Try to ask for advice from those you trust as much as possible, so you can at least feel confident and supported in the decision you end up making.

Scorpio: You’re not committed.

Scorpio, you’re generally good at understanding your own subconscious, and sometimes it controls your day-to-day actions, too. You might be subconsciously avoiding a goal because you’re no longer aligned with it or even because you’re self-sabotaging your own successes. Either way, this is something that merits some reflection on your part. When you’re committed to your goals, you show it—you’re dedicated and serious about your work. But when there are goals you aren’t achieving, it’s usually because you’re just not committed to them anymore. There’s often a reason why you’re suddenly acting less serious about something—even if it takes some time to discover that reason, Scorpio, it’s worth reflecting on to see if you need to help yourself finish off the final project or move onto something new.

Sagittarius: You move on too quickly.

Sagittarius, you probably have a lot of unfinished goals in your pocket. That’s because you love to bounce around from one thing to another, never sticking with one project for too long. As soon as you get an idea in your head, you start working (and you usually dream big, too). But you quickly find another source of inspiration, and then another after that. You keep chasing these new projects and new goals, discarding old ones because they either no longer interest you or no longer serve you. When your interests change so fast, it can be hard for your goals to keep up! To counteract this, you can focus on either choosing extremely short-term goals or opting for longer projects that encompass multiple of your interests. 

Capricorn: You’re burning out.

Capricorn, you’re basically known as the sign who accomplishes their goals no matter what. When you’re struggling to finish something that’s on your plate, it’s probably because your plate is also filled with a million other things that your discipline just won’t let you discard. It can be especially difficult for your sign to recognize burnout, because you’re used to overloading yourself (and you often enjoy having too much to do). When you’re not achieving your goals in the way you used to, take a step back and see if you’re working on too much at once. Organize and prioritize your goals in a way that makes sense for you (and allows you some time for a little R&R). Don’t overdo it, Capricorn—you’ll only end up out of the field for longer later.

Aquarius: You won’t ask for help.

Aquarius, you can certainly be convinced to ask for advice from other professionals in your field. You sometimes enjoy conferencing with those who know exactly what you’re working on (and why). But when it comes to goals where you don’t have a network to speak with (and sometimes even goals where you do), you struggle to reach out and ask for help when you need it. Your sign often wants to do things on your own—you want to have all the solutions and complete your projects alone. It’s satisfying for you to be the innovator and the builder. But sometimes, you need help in order to complete your goals more efficiently. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it all yourself, just that you might need a little extra brainpower to boost you towards the finish line. Consider asking for advice that you can implement yourself rather than outsourcing parts of the project—it will reassure you that you still have the skills to finish your goals on your own.

Pisces: You never start them.

Pisces, you’ve often got your head in the clouds, dreaming of all the different things you want to do. You’ll probably notice that when you do start a goal of yours, you’re typically able to finish it—you’re certainly not lacking in inspiration. But because you’re such a dreamer, you sometimes spend all your time thinking about the goals you want to accomplish instead of starting them. When you do want to accomplish them later on, you may have already lost interest. You may also fall victim to the idea that you need to wait for something to happen before you can start working on your goals. This isn’t always the case, Pisces. Think of a small goal for yourself you can start right away, no matter what it is. Work your way up to the larger dreams you have for yourself—just as with the things you have accomplished, these new goals will soon come easy to you.